Sweat spot? Sp. placementt again

I get better sound standing up, rather than sitting, at the listening position. Anyone encountered this? Pls read on before you bash...
The listening position is two feet from the listener's back wall which is damped with wall carpeting.
We pooled resources with my partner (she's from down under: they hear things diffferently there, so she says) reaching an optimum positioning for our Gen Vs, following hints from Redkiwi's ("speaker placement") posts -- thanks everyone!
The room has an asymetrical listener's back wall, with a round fireplace on one corner and a 7ft opening at the other -- 12ft wall in between. The ceiling is 8ft high, room length ~25ft.

We tried listening closer to the speakers -- but, no cigar. Tried a higher chair too! -- ditto.

Any ideas?? Thanks.
It sounds like A nightmare to me.This could be you are sitting to close to the speakers.Many speakers have a "focal point" that requires a large room,and a decent distance from the speakers;not to mention a taller celing Have you tried dampening the first reflection point on the celing? Do you get more bass response when you bend down?(lower listening hight) A knowledgeable dealer for this brand,or a manufactuer might help. Some speakers just need lots of room to breathe. BTW,all posts are subject to bashing;thats how the game is played here.(especially with a voting system)Its a contact sport wear proper protective gear.That includes responses as well.
Hello Greg, do you get this at all listening levels, no matter if the music is loud or soft? I've come across this phenomenon, with the image seemingly rising on the speakers, the louder the music gets. I've learnt this to be phase related. Otherwise, maybe I'm naive, but what I would have tried first, is to tilt the speakers forward a bit. But you already tried something like this, with the higher chair. Also, please tell us, HOW does it sound "better" ? Is it in the voicing of the Gen, is there a better soundstage, are instruments better defined? An interesting problem. Wonder what the true cognoscienti will say...
"...sounds better": as U say, Detlof, instruments are better defined, the sound is "clearer" -- not a deeper soundstage, but more holographic. This happens at all listening levels, with the image indeed rising somewhat as I go louder -- but then, both the front & back baffles on the two tweaters have a back slant on the Gen V.
Avguygeorge: as U say, more bass response at lower listening level. I'll try damping the 1st reflection on the ceiling...
Avguygeorge, you're right re, dealer/manufacturer: the local Genesis importer referred me to the set-up manual & my ears (I purchased the speakers 2nd hand...). I e-mailed Genesis a few times, but never got an answer. A-goners have been MUCH more helpful...
Please let us know, how things went, after damping the first reflection point on the ceiling. This could well be the culprit, especially that point, where the tweaters start reflecting.
Phase differences do not have a noticable effect on the quality of the sound itself. They do affect the stereo image which can be blurred or cause effect known as 'two islands', you hear nothing but extreme left an right positions.
Gregm, I wish I could help you this, but I had a similair problem and without some costly changes and treatment, I just could not get my placement right with my speakers. It drove me to the point where I'm selling my system. IN hopes of buying a new house in a few years and trying to build a specail room just for listening.
...were so encouraging it's scary. Thanks everyone!! I used two 2"x2" table matts for a quick experiment, placed as per Avguygeorge & Detlof above. Bingo! details have become more palpable, female voices (I tried contralto, and jazz) are now better outlined -- AND the stereo image is more focused. Standing up, however, still gives a slightly different "hue". I will experiment more during this w/e, and hope to get back to you with more...
BRIWEVE, give it a last chance: dampen 1st reflections on ceiling and side walls, just TRY it.
Thanks everyone! The problem in my room was indeed in the 1st reflections on the ceiling and 1st & 2nd reflections on the side wall. We damped the ceiling simply by placing a carpet covering the 1st reflection point for both speakers (it looks nice, too) with a foam between ceiling & carpet as extra protection. Ditto with 2nd reflection points on the side walls, with smaller rugs.
Ofcourse, I have to review speaker placement again; but already, high frequency details / space between instruments, are more palpable.
Thanks again, all!
Gregm - with a girl from downunder, I can't see your problem. Have you tried canting your speaker forward a little (or up at the back)?
Hi Redkiwi, no I haven't -- just tried a higher chair. Will do so ASAP. BTW, don't you mean ..."I *can* see the problem."? She's the one complaining about "can't single out those cellos" or, "where are Hutchens' (INXS) feet on this track -- can see his face, but not the feet...", and drives me into compulsive tweaking.