Switched or Unswitched outlets--please

I have a Furman IT Ref 15 that has 12 sockets, 4 swithed, 4 unswitched, 4 not specified--I have high end--CD, Blu Ray, 2 monos, 1 5 channel amp, 1 processor, VCR, DAC, 400 DVD player and my Comcast DVR box, and a nice Headphone amp. All feeding B&W 800 series speakers all around-- 7 of them. All mid-level Tranparent cables & power cords.

I would appreciate your "EXPERT" instruction as to what to plug into what please:-)
Djones1915: I am not an EXPERT but will offer suggestions based on what I do. First, IMO, the monos and the 5 channel amp draw a LOT of current and should be in dedicated circuits of their own. The processor, DAC and Comcast box will be used a lot and should be in the switched outlets. The headphone amp, VCR, and DVD player could be unswitched. My reasoning for some of this is (and not being familiar with your listening habits) that the switched equipment is used often and should be at "the ready" most of the time while the unswitched items are used less frequently and, therefore, need not be standing by. If you must plug the monos into the Furman, I would go unswitched for them as well.

All of my equipment goes through an APC power conditioner and is unswitched (not on until I turn it on) except the processor. The monos are on dedicated circuits and BTW unplugged during electrical storms.
Puerto: I think you have it backwards. "Unswitched" means on all the time. At least that was what was meant back in the days of AC outlets on the rear panel of pre-amps and intergrated amplifiers.
I'm no "EXPERT", but, I'd suggest the cable box and vcr go in unswitched outlets.
Theduke: Thanks! I had a feeling after writing that piece that such was the case. You are right. To make it simple (which I should have done to begin with) is leave the items that are used the most frequently in an unswitched outlet and the reverse for all other pieces.

Thanks for getting that right!

In the end, Djones1915 has to decide what pieces of equipment he wants burning up power 24/7 and which ones are best left "off" until ready to use them. I found out the expensive way that leaving the monos on standby all the time racked up the power bill something fierce - they draw the same amount of current in standby as they do in use. That is a consideration.
Actually, my Furman has a power switch on the front and I simply turn it on and my equipment comes on then--whatever I had on when turned off--usually the monos, 5 channel, --the rest, I turn off before shutting down the Furman.

Is this wrong? I DO NOT want an electric bill any higher than it has to be??
BTW--my Cable DVR is plugged into a seperate power supply so I do not lose programmng when turning everyhing else off.

My amps are Bryston & seem to work fine right away without warm up time?
Djones1915: You certainly are not doing anything "wrong". My equipment, except for the monos is plugged into an APC power conditioner with battery back-up. Even so, I turn off all the equipment before shutting down the APC. In an electrical storm I unplug the APC.

Sounds like you have a nice system.