Synergistic element copper good for power amp?

I am looking for a pair of cable for my monoblocks.  Are the Synergistic research Element Copper good for that application?  I think usually people recommend a thicker cable for high current equipment like power amps, and the Element Copper doesn’t seem to be design for that purpose.  Does anyone use the Element Copper on power amps can comment on your experience?


I highly recommend looking at the Audio Quest Hurricane. Over the last couple years there has been a lot of buzz in the community around them. I had been trying to find the right power cord for my amps for nearly a year… being frustrated at each trial. Cardas of any caliber was a touch too warm and Transparent, WireWorld, DHLabs… etc. added some detail but lost some bass. Finally my dealer brought over a Hurricane, my search was over nearly instantly. They added detail, lowered the noise floor ever so slightly and added a bit of power to the bass without tipping the tonal balance at all. The best power cord I have ever heard. I suspect they are better for a number of reasons… one obvious one is incredibly tight fitting connectors. 

A must try. Even if it is a bit above your price range… once you hear it, it may become inside your price range. It is that good.

I have an Audioquest Thunder power cable the best improvement in sound was with the DAC and steamer

@gte357s - Take a look at the higher end of the product line from Zavfino - they are well designed cables that perform extremely well


They should provide a noticealble improvement in dynamic performance and bass detail and depth.

Regards - Steve

Thanks for the suggestion. I am mainly interested in SR power cords based on my experience. I collected a couple over the years and they gave me good results. I am looking for something to improve the soundstage over the PS Audio statement I am using. I bought one Harmonic Tech Fantasy III AC-10 that I haven’t received yet. I need to test it on my other equipment, and I need to buy one more if I want to use it on my monoblocks.

I am also considering a pair of Coincident Statement power cord, I would like to get some feedback if anyone has experience with it.

I use a SR Element cable on my Classe amp. Nice improvement over stock and some of the other cables I have. I’m a big fan of SR’s stuff.

Very tight sounding and defined, if that makes any sense...

@coralkong there are three version of the Element: Copper, Tungsten and CTS.  Which version are you using?  The CTS is the top of the line which no doubt can handle the high current, but it is out of my budget.  I am considering the Element Copper.


That particular cord is the copper version. I have a tungsten version on my cd player, but in my setup the copper won me over on my amp.

Ymmv, but I’m pretty happy all around. The tungsten sounds a little cleaner, but also adds a little brightness.

Another good option is GR Research’s upper end power cords. Big fan of those as well, though break in time is Horrendous on those.

I;ve seen tungston mentioned in a few high end acables and it puzzles me because

  • copper is a better conductor - OCC copper even better
  • using a metal that does not conduct as well as copper would
    • degrade dymanic performance
    • degrade clarity, which in turn impacts imaging

Is it used to "tame" overly bright systems?

Personally I use OCC copper or silver (for interconnects) and love the dynamics and details they bring to my sysem. I cannot see using a cable to downgrade the characteristics of a system

Any thoughts?

Cheers - Steve

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Grover Huffman Pharoah power cables really upped the sonics of my JC1 monoblocks.  Highly recommended.

Just to give an update.  I bought the Element copper, but unfortunately, it is not a good match on my monoblocks in my system.  However, they works well on my CD, streamer and DAC.  I will keep using my PS audio AC12 for now.  The next I want to try is something similar to the AudioQuest Thunder.  

Most of the Synergistic Research power cable lines have a 10ga for amps and a 12ga version for components.

I think not in the Element series.  There are three models in the Element series, Copper, Tungsten, and CTS Copper-Tungsten-Silver.  No equivalent gauge specified for all three.  

@gte357s AQ Hurricane High Current
The Tornado High Current is also very good. But the Hurricane is a step up.

These are neutral, slightly warm sounding cables but without sacrificing dynamics snd details. if that is the type of sound you’re after, can’t go wrong.

I put a JPS Labs Aluminata power cable on my Hegel H590 integrated amp and it's  magical!!!