Synergistic Research Designers Reference x2 vs FX

hello has anybody directly compared the Synergistic Research Designers Reference x2 and the Designers Reference FX x2 balanced IC's? what were the sonic differences? Was the difference worth the $ ?
Call and talk to the people at Synergistic. I did and they were very helpful about matching cables to my system. To my surprise, they didn't just say, buy the best cable you can afford. I have some Resolution Reference interconnects and speaker cable on the way to demo through I am also going to audition the Designer Reference and Absolute Reference digital cables.
I got a chance to demo the cables I mentioned earlier in this post and was very impressed. This is the best cable line that I have heard so far and I've heard quite a few. I must admit though, that I did not feel that the mini power couplers helped the sound. In fact, I think they may have made it worse. I must say that they were plugged into a surge protector due to a shortage of outlets so this may have impacted the quality. I would also like to mention that there was a large difference betweeen the Designers' and Absolute Reference digital interconnects. The soundstage was much larger with the Absolute and everything that I felt was missing at the bottom and top end of the Designers' Reference came back. Is the Absolute almost twice as good as the Designers'? That's up to the individual I suppose, but on my system it is worth the extra cash.

There truly is a synergy that is created by using all Synergistic cables. With just the interconnects and digital cables, I felt some bass, air, and high end were missing. When my Alpha-Core MI2 speaker cables were replaced with the Resolution Reference, all these problems disappeared. Regardless, if you are in the market for a high-end cable, these are definitely worth auditioning.