System advice

Hello everyone and a merry Christmas to you!

So, I thought I could answer to myself but whenever someone from the outside asking for advice I doubt my own expertise. So I’m throwing it out to you.

My brother-in-law wants a good system for a vinyl setup through what he listen to singer songwriters like Barbra streisand, Barry Manilow and similar artist. His budget is $3,000.

I’m thinking magnapan 1.7, Schitt Ragnarok 2 and Rega RP1 with the crap  Manny the phono stage. Used and new I can get this on a 3000. But I might overlooking something? He’s not at this stage that deep into listening to audiophilia asI am so I’m not really worried about picking the wrong thing? If many thanks for all your help. Throughout the years.


For his musical tastes, I would recommend a Bose table radio. :)

Just kidding! Happy holidays.

Magnepans want power. LOTS of power. Not sure the Schiit is going to cut it. 

Also, the Maggies take up space. LOTS of space. Not everyone is going to want that kind of commitment.

I'd probably opt for either 1.) change the speakers (Klipsch Heresy, perhaps? or something more efficient than the Magnepans), or 2.) A much more powerful amplifier.

I'm not a vinyl guy, so I can't comment on the TT or Phono Stage.



I think one can put together a very nice sounding system for $3000.

My thoughts toward accomplishing this: 1)Stay away for speakers that are difficult to drive. Think quality over quantity power. 2) Purchase a line level integrated amplifier. Purchase this component used. 3) With vinyl the TT, arm and cartridge contribute greatly to the presentation. Stay with a MM cartridge and phonostage.  I would allot at least 1/3 of budget to these components. Used is also a good option for phonostage.

More information as to room size and listening habits would prove beneficial towards getting more specific recommendations., 





OOPS! The 'quality over quantity' statement was to be part of thought 2).

I happen to like some of the "crooner" style easy listening stuff myself, and I’d suggest a totally different direction. How about a McIntosh MAC1700 with a pair of 80’s era Klipsch Heresys and something like a Sota Comet or Thorens TD209? No DAC, but a Bluesound Node is an easy and inexpensive fix for that. It’s mostly all classic stuff that won’t depreciate much if at all, is generally bullet-proof, adaptable to a wide variety of listening environments and works with all source material. If your BIL likes it, he can take it further and in any direction he chooses. If he doesn’t, he can easily and quickly off a piece or the whole kit without losing bux. And it all comes in at or under the $3K budget. Could be worth considering, anyway.

Have fun with the search and happy listening!

The system here must prioritize the reproduction of vocals.  I think a Direct Drive turntable would fit the bill because I think exposed vocals benefit from speed stability.  I would try for one of the Technics 1500 variants and a decent moving magnet cartridge, perhaps Ortofon 2M Blue.  Add a decent phono stage such as the Cambridge Audio mm phono stage and then add powered speakers such as KEF.  

Great starting point.  Table/cart could be upgraded and of course one could spend the balance on speaker stands and a Quadrasprire SVT which would really ramp this system up substantially.  About $2100 for the Rega System One.