System Re-Vamp Looking At Pre-Amp and Possibly Amp Options. Any Thoughts?

System uses JBL 4365 speakers and a pair of Velodyne HGS 12 subwoofers. Recently parted with my Halcro DM8 pre-amp, and my AVM Acoustic amps are in the shop after an unfortunate incident. So I am taking this time to reconsider amplification. 

If the JBL stay here I am looking for candidates for new electronics. The Esoteric phono stage and SOTA and Scheu tables stay, as does the DAC. 


I am shopping the used market and everything is wide open. Would consider spending about $7K on a pre-amp, and hopefully around the same for amp although I could go to $10K for the end game piece. 

Given the JBL like a bit of current, it seems most SET amps  don't have the drive for them, although something like a transmitter tube 211/845 might do the job. I was a SET head for a long time, so I am not sure how conventional push/pull tubes work for me. I also wonder about OTL with these speakers. 

So anyone have any thoughts?



Bi-amp the JBL. Keep whatever tube unit for the high frequencies. Get a solid state amp, with some grunt, for the low frequencies. Regarding a pre-amp, a Schiit Freya+ would be a perfect transition piece until the endgame unit is decided upon.