Systems comparison

I have two systems

Both have acoustat trans nova 200 amp

both have dynavector Ruby low output mc cartridge 

1st system has arc sp 6 preamp second system has acoustat tnp preamp

first system has thoren 165 turntable 

2nd system has sme 3 arm


question is what are weak point(s) of each system

2nd question is if acoustat preamp is weak point what used arc preamp would you recommend?

also add any suggestions


How about a nice CD player?  But seriously folks….I don’t know accustat, but an ARC pre amp sounds pretty nice.  Did the OP just switching pre amps between the systems to see what changes?

What was really looking for was

what is the first place you look to improve either system and what you replace it with

Plus you need to measure each system to compare, see my virtual system for an example

How would you compare both systems?  After all, you’re the one who can listen to them.  How do they compare? What are the rooms like? What would you like that you’re not hearing from your present systems?