TAD users with Elrod cabling....

Anyone else out there use Elrod power, interconnect and/or speakers cables with systems with TAD speakers?
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Hey, Zeph!  We've talked (and I actually purchased one of your Elrod XLR cast offs when you simplified your system).  I use all Elrod Statement Gold or higher cabling for my TAD CR-1 fronted system, and I think it is a wonderful match.  The TAD's are so fast and revealing that they need "taming" for a musically satisfying system, IME and IMHO.  And I find that David's cords really help lean the system toward a meatier, harmonically richer presentation without sacrificing resolution.  This makes magic with the TAD's in my room currently.

I gather that you are still very enamored of your system's sound, especially with those two Master Series PC's that you recently added?
Good Morning! It's great to hear from you! I'd heard from another user yesterday that there might be another TAD speaker lover out there with R1s and Elrod cables so I thought it might be time to get a discussion going.

I am still definitely loving/enamored with the sound and musical aspects of my system and won't be diverging for analog and power cables from Elrod ever.  The 2 Masters Series Statement Gold power cords have now become 4 and my pre-amp and DAC could not send better. Statement Gold was/is amazing,...Masters Series Statement Gold brings that revered last .5/1% we audio-nuts crave for the gear that I have.  Very lucky to be where I am here.    

I've also moved up from my prior hand-made Elrod ribbon jumpers which are amazing and will hopefully be sold here shortly, to a set of Master Series Statement Gold-level jumpers which were the best audiophile birthday present ever in June :-)  They beautifully made a do wonders for opening up the bass and overall frequency response of the TAD R1s even further....I'll be updating my system page later today with photos.

I am very glad to hear you are doing well and progressing with your system as well.  We should talk live soon, maybe even later today if time on the job permits....

Have a great day!!!