Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy

Not sure if anyone caught this, but it's quite the take down of some of the very expensive server/streamer stuff out there. It seems logical to me -- especially when he prices out what some of the internal components are -- but this is above my pay grade so I cannot confirm. It's here: https://youtu.be/MMSC9-qQ_K4

Wonder if others agree or disagree with the basic takedown.
I would be more interested in this if he knew that the bill on his hat goes in front.

Taiko Extreme has set the standards for others to follow. I am patiently waiting for Taiko Mini Extreme to come out later this year. 
I really don’t understand the point for bashing any products based on they component value. If they sound bad then sure let us know, but estimating component value is completely useless. OCD HiFi guy would be watchable if he would just keep commenting about sound quality and device matching... hmmm maybe not. I realized that I don’t value his opinions at all.


Mikes definitely makes some very good points but I think this can go completely across the audio spectrum, from cabling to speakers and if you look at what it cost to build a set of speakers and what they retail for, you truly are not getting your money's worth in regard to cost of parts.


I have personally had 93 different digital devices through my reference system. In regards to servers, I highly recommend that people listen to different manufacturers and make their own judgment because the best servers do create a more holographic type of imaging. I'm certainly not an expert and have never had any interest in manufacturing products or even investigating the cost of the parts but I have found that the top five servers/streamers we have tested do sound significantly better than the less expensive pieces that we have tested. We are actually going to test a sub $5000 server/streamer set up in the next couple of weeks but so far we have not found anything at that price point that is as holographic as the more expensive server/streamer's.


Also I personally know very few people that are buying more expensive products just say that they own them. Rather I find the people that have more money to purchase more expensive audio products have been through a lot of equipment and they are looking for the endgame product so that they can do other things in life that they enjoy well listening to their music.


The only problem I have with Mikes opinion is that it is all hypothetical.



@jksec said,
I really don’t understand the point for bashing any products based on they component value. If they sound bad then sure let us know, but estimating component value is completely useless.

That’s an interesting take. Many comments I’ve read on this and other forum try to estimate value, where value means whether the cost of the unit is worth the money paid. Sonic performance is one part of value; other parts include comparisons with other units at similar or different price points.

Right now, there’s a thread on Agon about Pass Labs vs. Sugden Class A amplifiers that is assessing whether or not the extra $$ paid for Pass labs is worth the additional money, or whether the Sugden offers more "bang for the buck." Some judging this question are referring to the parts on the inside of each and how good they are, etc., in order to judge if the Pass is worth the money. This seems to be a regular way that people drill into the details of the value question, especially when it’s hard to audition both. It’s not that sound of the unit is irrelevant, but if someone is going to pay a lot more for something, they often want to know more than just the reported sound of it, which we know is very subjective. Often, both are not available to audition, and even if they are, they might not immediately reveal everything one might eventually hear. Many buy with an eye to "future-proofing," knowing that down the road, one might be able to tell that, for example, the high quality capacitors in a better-made product sound better, even if this isn't immediately obvious. Then again, there's durability, etc. We all experience this with, say, a house or a car, which only shows its virtues or vices after a longer run of experiences with it.

This is my understanding as to why some downgrade (or "bash" as you put it) a product for charging a lot when the internal parts are not as good as other units. To each his own.