Talon Hawks

Anyone hear them (new monitors) in San Francisco? Any good?
Yes. They were very good. One of the best rooms I heard.
Ugly as dirt but fabulous sound.
if you are talking about the totem hawks, these were very nice. I listened to them for more than 20 mins during the he2003 show. I also liked the totem forest speakers that vince brought with him. these were some of the best sounding speakers (imo) at the show for anywhere less than $12,000. imo, you would have to jump up to the meadowlark's, the vandersteen 5a, or the joseph Pearls to get get a better speaker (at 6+ times the cost, and even then, it wasn't a night and day difference between them), just easier to fill a large room.
Talon has a new monitor called Hawk. Totem has a floorstander also called Hawk. Totem was first.

The Talons sounded very good in SF. Very much like the Ravens without the bass. The family sound is remarkably consistent. It's never done too much for me, but I do see the allure of Talon's very crisp, clear, quick sound. On brief listen, I thought the Dali speakers share those characteristics quite a bit, with a touch more warmth. Anyone care to comment on that?
The Talon's with warmish sounding equiptment are unbeatable. They are somewhat picky about matching the right stuff in front of them including cableing and power cords but when you get it right, you will fall in love with them. This is true of the whole line that I have heard. I owned the Perigrines and now the Khorus and my dad has the Khorus x's so I am very familiar with them with lots of different equiptment. As a side note, they sound awesome with the Aloia amps and pre that have the inductive PS's. Also are great with Pass, Elecrtocomp, Bells and most tube gear. They like power but are efficient enough to play loud without it. My Aloia is 70 watts and I can make the walls move with no problem. The best bass I have heard from a sub 20K speaker...not to mention PRAT/speed/everthing else...