Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 CD Recommendations

I've been listening for many years for a good recording/performance of this warhorse. Of the many great recordings of the classic piano concertos, I've yet to find one on CD of this work that satisfies me. I have to admit that I've heard great performances of the work but the recording is usually sub-standard. Even my perinneal favorite, Earl Wild reader's digest remasters on Chesky, is soncially disappointing. I look forward to hearing what other music lovers have found.
For the reading, I prefer the Van Cliburn on RCA. Don't know if this has been redone as a "Living Stereo", if so it is probably great. From a sonic standpoint, the Byron Janis on Mercury "Living Presence" is excellent. It was recorded on 35mm film. Don
Elgordo, These are very fine choices especially the Van Cliburn performance for many it is the one.
I would like to add another wonderful performance with
Martha Argerich and Claudio Abbado on DG # 449 816-2GH
Give it a try you are for the nice surprise
Enjoy it
In addition to Van Cliburn, there is a nice recording by Santiago Rodriguez, Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Emil Tabakov, conductor. It's also recommended by Ted Libby on NPR's Performance Today and by Fanfare magazine. It is on the Elan label.

"...Rodriguez' nimble sprint through these overly familiar concertos rejuvenate both
music and listener...tenderness without schmaltz...velocity without violence...sensitivity of
voicing...playing with such a strong point of view...Even if you think you know this music too
well‹or perhaps especially if you do you should give this disc a try..." --Peter J.
Rabinowitz --Fanfare