Techs in NYC - I need names

I'm looking for someone to replace the caps in my Cary integrated amp. I'm in NYC and would prefer to just walk it in.

Any suggestions?
Analogique on W. 20th. They are a factory authorized repair facility for a number of high end brands and are trusted by the high-end shops in the city. I have used them to calibrate my cassette deck and was very pleased (I was referred to them by Lyric).
Ben Jacoby @ "HEAR" -High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn....don't have the number with me but he does have a web page.
Ben Jacoby @ HEAR LLC. Ben has done work for me. Excellent job. Highly recommended.(718)377-8010
Analogique can be very expensive, and one woman told me she spent I think over $100 for a belt and "cleaning" of a technics turntable.

A friend also took some older Macintosh (solid state) gear there for a complete overhaul. They got top notch service, even though afew things had to be redone, but they even paid a house call or two. They paid alot however to recondition gear than wasn't worth it in my opinion. Tube Macintosh gear, yes, but SS, no.
You can go to Analogique but be prepared to mortgage your home.
Instead, try In-house Service Co. in East Setauket, NY (Long Island/Suffolk County). He (Wayne) repairs Cary equipment. I've had an Auduble Illusions pre-amp and a Bedini power amp repaired. A friend had his Quicksilver tube amp and a Pass Labs solid state power amp repaired. We were both completely satisfied. I don't think you can go wrong with him.
There is also Soundsmith, located in Peekskill, who probably has some facility to allow you to drop off and pick up the equipment in the city, since they do repair work for dealers and are authorized repair for several manufacturers.
Not to defend Analogique, but they are in Manhattan and their prices reflect that reality. They are also very, very good, which likewise is reflected in their prices.
Ben at High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn at 718-377-8010. Factory service for Audio Research, Pass, MBL, Pathos, Audio Note and others.