Tekton custom grills

There are some active discussions concerning the delivery of speakers and specifically speaker grills for the incredible Tekton Speakers. But nothing on this forum. I'm now nine months waiting on grill delivery. Anyone else??
The solution is simple. My advice to Eric is to out-source the manufacturing of the grills, then add the extra cost into the price. Out-sourcing would solve the delivery issue, and the added price may reduce the demand for those pesky buggers. Happier customers, reduced time/effort for him...Win Win!
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Totem for one but they have started to provide them with more recent models. Dropping the ball with speaker grill orders is downright embarrassing. I think that was the oldest Tekton complaint I used to read about online. This isn’t a new issue for the manufacturer so you have to wonder why it has taken so long to come up with a resolve when there has been no end to new designs/products.
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Raidho is another without grills,there are a few that come to mind but most are on a higher level of price and quality. IMO the easiest thing would be just dont offer grills.Shouldnt be that big of a deal to the mod and DYI guys buying Tekton to make grills.