Tekton custom grills

There are some active discussions concerning the delivery of speakers and specifically speaker grills for the incredible Tekton Speakers. But nothing on this forum. I'm now nine months waiting on grill delivery. Anyone else??
I think he must be a bit overwhelmed? I've emailed him a few times regarding his speakers. No reply at all.
I had to bother Eric about once every two weeks for 4 months before I got my grilles. He hates making grilles. Keep bothering him, they will come.
I'm at 10 months now. How are the grills by the way? Foam, cloth, metal? Good and sturdy......worth the wait? I all again today and post later.
If you have got through 10 months with no issues then I might suggest that you don't really need them as much as first thought?

I have Lore's with no grills with 6 & 8 yo boys ( one is autisic ) and had no problems.

It's amaizing how threatening them with death makes them loose interest in the speakers pretty quickly. ;-)
That is not the point. Yes, I can survive without them and life will go on. But if you were to buy a new refrigerator and paid for a water filter system, had it delivered and was told that it would be delivered shortly time after time, would you just say "oh well" I've gotten by 2 months.........the examples can go on and on.
My speakers took 6 months longer than he claimed they would. Three months after the speakers arrived, he doesn't even respond to my very polite emails about the grills I ordered at the same time as the speakers.
I was sent grilles for my Pendragons and my Pendragons had no holes to put the grilles in. I asked Eric SEVERAL times how the grilles attached to the speaker... I assumed since there were obviously no holes in the front of my speakers, that it was a magnet setup.... wrong. I have some nice grilles sitting in my room that cannot attach to the speaker.
Three years later, and perhaps not much has changed. I ordered grilled with my DIs a little less than two months ago. I bother them once a week. I have gotten lots of excuses, but they keep kicking it down the road. I like the speakers, but I want what I paid for. 
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Wow this subject I am unfortunately familiar with. I went through exactly what Audiofreak went through over 3 years ago. I ordered my speakers with grills from Tekton and got no holes for the grilles. This was obviously in 2017. Eric had to make me new speakers not just because of the no grill holes, but for other reasons as well (bad paint job, mid bass drivers not mounted correctly, speakers poorly packed so binding posts were sticking out of the box loose and scratched up). Loss of profit for them and just added frustration altogether with this buying experience.

Then to get the grills just like you said kristofa. Calling them, emailing them is the only way to get them to ship. Took over 2 months. I wish they were upfront about not getting grills with the speakers. I can understand if they do not include grills because of the trial period, but it seems like that is not the case. Tekton keep kicking themselves in the face for no reason. Its almost like they like it. But Eric can make an excellent speakers that is for sure. So sad!
Audiofreak mine don’t have holes too, I can put holes but no anchor plastic for the holes, I emailed them to send me , no answers yet, but will try to look a HomeDepot...That’s the biggest problem....I like the covers though.

Keep in mind your responding to a post that Audiofreak made over 3 years ago. So chances he might not see this?

One should not be making excuses for the no hole debacle. If you order them with holes, they need to send you new speakers if they don’t have them. You should not have to make a trip to Home Depot to resolve this at all.
@jayctoy  - Yep, it is Karma who I have been dealing with. She has been very good at responding. 

@aniwolfe I am am glad I got holes, at least. I didn’t realize you went through that. 

@kosst_amojan - very good point.

For those who have finally received their grilles...have you noticed any audible change with or without them? OBVIOUSLY they were voiced without grilles, so my hope is they will not be detrimental to that voicing.
They sounded bad (muffled sounding) with the grills. I would avoid. I only put them on when I have company over or not using the system for a few days.
Aniwolfe thanks for the timetable , I did not realize it’s 3 yrs, if only I have the right anchors , I can put the hole , No big deal...still lazy bec I listen without cover anyway....
This is strange, I just called Eric yesterday and told him it was 8 weeks in and still no grills for my DIs. He told me he’s been VERY busy and had hundreds of speakers to make and getting ready for a Demo show. So I asked him to just send me the frames,grill cloth and the pegs and I would finish them myself since I'v built a few speakers. 
No problem, on there way.

Not strange at all. This is very common. I have read about this issue on other forums as long as 4 years ago. Very frequent, very present issue.
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Wow, that grill situation is awful! (I much prefer speaker grills on speakers that I buy).

I’ve never had the type of service problems I see here with any other speaker company I’ve dealt with (and that’s a lot!).

The perils of expanding too quickly is apparently killing your customer service; not a great trade-off IMO.
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I have to agree with Kosst on this. It is inexcusable to have this kind of an issue on something so simple. Why in the world would the grills not ship with the speakers if they were ordered that way? If he has to hire out grill building to keep up with production, then that is what needs to happen. What happens if you have a real issue with the speaker? I went down this road with a different custom speaker builder. As good as the speakers sounded, I could never get past what happened during the build and delivery process. 

"I think that this thread is 3 years old and the issue still persists is a real statement to the miserable management and questionable cash flow of the operation"

"Someone on another thread mentioned the awkward fit/appearance of the squared grills over the rounded edges and corners of the boxes".

"So I asked him to just send me the frames,grill cloth and the pegs and I would finish them myself since I'v built a few speakers."

"One should not be making excuses for the no hole debacle. If you order them with holes, they need to send you new speakers if they don’t have them. You should not have to make a trip to Home Depot to resolve this at all"

I have to say,vey interesting reading on this forum some days.

The solution is simple. My advice to Eric is to out-source the manufacturing of the grills, then add the extra cost into the price. Out-sourcing would solve the delivery issue, and the added price may reduce the demand for those pesky buggers. Happier customers, reduced time/effort for him...Win Win!
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Totem for one but they have started to provide them with more recent models. Dropping the ball with speaker grill orders is downright embarrassing. I think that was the oldest Tekton complaint I used to read about online. This isn’t a new issue for the manufacturer so you have to wonder why it has taken so long to come up with a resolve when there has been no end to new designs/products.
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Raidho is another without grills,there are a few that come to mind but most are on a higher level of price and quality. IMO the easiest thing would be just dont offer grills.Shouldnt be that big of a deal to the mod and DYI guys buying Tekton to make grills.
I got my grilles today. I really like them, and they helped tame a high frequency spike due to my room. I am glad I bought them.
A suggestion I got from a fellow Audiogoner. If you order grills with your speakers and want them shipped at the same time. Tell Tekton to not ship the speakers or charge your credit card until the grills are made and ready to ship. If they email you with a tracking number, make sure it includes the grills. If not call them and tell them to hold the shipment until they make the grills. If they charged your credit card make sure they put the money back. That should provoke Eric to make the grills to complete the order. Good Luck.
@Aniwolfe  I think this is a valid suggestion and this is what I did when I ordered the Lores from Tekton....and yes they asked me a couple of times if they could just ship the speakers and I declined and shortly thereafter, speakers and grills were shipped together. 

When you think about the issue from an overall business perspective, there are really two choices that are fair to the buyer...either ship the whole order at once...or if you are going to split shipments, don't bill anything until the final items are shipped thereby making the order complete.
In hindsight, I am glad it turned out the way it did. I was able to break in the DIs hearing how they were voiced (sans grilles) for two months. That gave me plenty of time to get them to work in my living room and become quite accustomed to their sound. Now that I finally have the grilles, I can tell how different they change the sound quite assuredly, whereas if I had received the grilles with the speakers, I would have frequently removed-added-removed the grilles attempting to see which sound I liked best. In the end, I like the sound with the grilles on, as it has smoothed out a problem frequency for me.

I like the idea of not having them ship until grilles are shipped with it. But wouldn't this also allow your speakers to move further back into Eric's queue? If he has hundreds to build, I certainly would want mine to be as close to the front of the queue as possible!

Karma was very responsive via email with me, and I reminded her I was waiting for grilles once a week. As others have stated here, being a customer who consistently reminds them you are waiting for your order pays off. It did for me. 

The grille issue is a silly thing for Tekton Design to get negative feedback over. IMO, this appears to be an easy fix. I looked at these grilles when they arrived and thought "what is the big deal? Couldn't Tekton Design hire a high school kid to just make grilles on the weekends for the orders shipping out that week?" They are very uncomplicated creations.

Great speakers! :-)

I am glad to hear the grills arrived and not only that. They help fix an issue with your room. For me personally, the grills take the inner detail and screw the imaging for me. They sorta hurt the attributes the tweeter array brings. I would recommend you fix your room and remove the grills when in use. My 2 cents.
I like the stories that I’ve heard from various owners of Tekton products.

1.Some are still waiting for their grills even though they already paid for them when they purchased the speakers.

2.A few people finally received their grills after many months of waiting and constantly asking for them,and then they realized their speakers have no holes to mount the grills.

3.A few folks ordered their speakers without grills and told the Tekton folks they would never need or use them and they received their speakers with ugly holes that they now can’t cover up.

4.Some haven’t never received their grills that were paid for and probably never will,but in a few cases it really doesn’t matter because these individuals either sold their Tektons or just gave them away to get rid of them and move on.Probably 5 yrs from now the Ups guy will put a package on your doorstep and it will contain your long lost grills.Woohoo.

I had to reread this thread and I’m glad I did because I missed this post the first time.

”I wouldn't call this operation a "manufacturer". "Amateur integrator" would be more appropriate. He's a glorified DIY'er with poor management skills.”

Oh my,
I think "a glorified DIY'er with poor management skills" is a good way to put it.  I had a set and tried them for two months.  I also had a few other AGoners come over to check them out.  Everyone liked them, but not enough to buy them.  It took two months and several reminders to get the grills, and ultimately I sent the grills back without opening the box.

I sent them back not only because of the grill issue and sound quality, but because in the long run I don't think they will hold their value.  It seems like every set of DIs he builds is a little different... like any DIYer might do.  When he makes changes to design all the time, how can you really know what you're buying?  

At the end of it all, this guy has no idea how to run a business.  It's too bad, because if he could focus on a good product at a good price with good service, he'd have a real long-term business.  As it is now, he seems to be hanging on by his boot straps.
Just adding to the post my frustration in trying to get grills for my Enzo 2.7's. The speakers are beautiful and sound awesome. I like the rest of you posting in this thread cannot seem to get Eric to send my grills. It's been a month now and still no grills. I guess it's time to put the full court press on Eric and just bug the s**t out of him till he's sick of hearing from me. 
I thought I might give a little context. So I live in Utah. Utah seems to have its share of audio companies for some reason. Wilson Audio, Zu Audio, Kimber Kable, Tekton Design. Except for Wilson Audio, I’ve been to all places several times. I knew a guy who worked for Wilson Audio though. Anyways back to the subject at hand. I know Tekton has tried to sub out grills to other companies, but they never deliver to Tekton’s satisfaction. Though there is one bright side. He now seems to have found help recently that is delivering to Tektons standards. But they still have to build the backlogged grills. I’m not saying this will solve all your woes, but perhaps grills will come a little speedier. Thought I would still email. Be kind, but perhaps firm about getting your grills.
Well my grills are otw. Like an earlier poster wrote. Karma is the one you need to stay in touch with. She is very responsive and seems to be the driving force behind getting grills. 
Original poster here... (back after several years and on my 4th pair of Tekton speakers)....
I recently bought another pair of Tekton speakers (Enzo XL) about 2 months ago and ordered with grills (+ $75).  I like the way they look with the grills and have 2 small kids and the sound difference is negligible with or without them on. 

I got the speakers in decent time... they smelled pretty bad of pain odor and the finish is fairly poor.... if you run your hand over any of the surfaces (even the top), you will easily feel smooth and rough differences.
I waited about 4 weeks before bothering them with an e-mail about the grills.Never heard anything, sent another e-mail about 2 weeks after that and got a reply about 3 days later with a FedEx tracking number.  I thought... awesome... the grills are on the way.  When the grills arrived, the package looked fine and was not damaged.  The grills seemed to be packed well also.  But, once I took them out to fit them to the speakers, I noticed that 3 of the 4 corners on EACH grill were cracked/broken.  Literally, these grills were made from 4 pieces of 3/4" x 3/4" MDF (approx.) and glued in the corners.... THAT IS ALL. Being that these speakers are so tall, there really should be an intermediate cross-brace and triangle corner braces for strength, with nails/glue through the corners...  these grills were just total garbage.  Also, the pegs in the grills did not line up well at all with the holes in the cabinets!  I had to force/bend the grills into place.  I could have easily built better grilles myself and saved time and money.
So I sent an e-mail to Eric (which Karma also sees all the e-mails I think) asking for a refund figuring that another set of the same horribly-built speaker grills would do me no good... he apologized and said that he would have Karma "....call me on Monday".  Never got a call from her.  Waited about 10 more days and sent a follow-up e-mail and got a reply saying that she would call me later that day.  Never heard back from her.
At this point, I really do not care about the grills or the refund... too much time invested on my part.

I absolutely LOVE the sound from these speakers, but these details are killing me.... like they say... the devil is in the details.


#2:   HIRE MORE PEOPLE ! ! !
This post was originally listed in 2013,thats 5 years later with the same poor customer service..I heard the monitor and imo it sucked to put it bluntly.Why bother with this company?

Missioncoonery writes:

"Why bother with this company?"

It's because the speakers sound so good. Plain and simple. Eric doesn't place importance on grills and you have to force his hand and, yes, Karma is the one to deal with.

No other speaker company is even close to Eric's quality level at his price points and saving on customer service is one of the reasons why he can offer such impressive speakers at closeout prices.

So I put up with the CS in order to get a great product at the best possible price. If you want great customer service, spend 5 or 10 times as much and go with a fine company such as Wilson.

craig, do the math.  If you hire one additional person to build grills, the expense of that one person spread over all the speakers sold is not going to come close to increasing the speaker cost by 5 or 10 times.  $50,000/1,000 speakers sold = $50 per speaker.  CS is CS.    


You should send your ideas to Eric, by way of Karma at tektondesign@gmail.com. Threads such as this will serve some purpose but direct contact is always more efficient.

Three Points

First, inexpensive CS is ONLY ONE of the ways in which Eric saves business costs. Other areas are 1) no/little advertising, 2) brilliant product development but without traditional methods/time/costs, 3) Small physical plant, 4) direct sales, and 5) careful driver selection. Eric probably could tell you many others.

Second, a good portion of my corporate career was spent in quality assurance at customer service centers. CS is very expensive and at smaller companies takes a disproportionate amount of the budget. Eric handles a lot of contact himself and Karma helps with most of the rest. This can be an ideal approach if done properly. Sometimes, however, personalities conflict.

Third, whenever I start buying from a company such as Tekton, one of my goals is to help them succeed because their success is also mine. Have the DIs and am considering either another set or the Ulfberhts. It is, consequently, IN MY BEST INTERESTS for Eric to continue and prosper. Suggest that all Tekton owners fall into this category.

"no advertising"
Guessing you don't subscribe to Stereophile - there has been a monthly Tekton add.


You claim that nobody at the price point has Eric's quality. Even though I never have heard a new pair of Tekton anything, and I'm sure they sound respectable at their price points. But even at his prices, large rectangle boxes with rough finishes, poor grill construction (if you actually get a pair), inexpensive drivers with dust caps that "dimple" in their shipping cartons, etc....Well, you get the gist. That's not quality engineering. There are companies out there that sell less expensive speakers than Tekton and sound respectable with very good fit-and-finish. IMO.


Your comments are factually inaccurate and you should listen to some Tekton speakers before disparaging them. Tekton drivers are quality choices and available on the open market -- a big plus for replacement needs. My set of DIs is finished well, the 2 sets of grills Eric sent me are well made and look fine.

Those are facts, period. Anyone can repeat criticisms but that doesn't make your approach helpful -- rather just the opposite.


My comments are factually accurate. Just re-read some of the comments by actual owners of Tekton speakers. And please re-read my post as you have taken what I said way out of context. I have visited several  of the highend speakers places of manufacture and talked in depth to their designers and I can assure you that that type of quality (Tekton's) doesn't make it out of there doorways. Any company can make a good pair of loudspeakers but it takes consistency to make them great.