Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!


Yep @arafiq  very subjective 🙄


Giant killer: Nope. Best thing since sliced bread: Nope. Aesthetics: subjective. Sound quality: subjective.

The Tweeters used in Tektons top models are Scanspeak.  Not cheap drivers.  Even the Eminence pro woofers are their best driver.  The problem with Tekton is an absolutely horrible cabinet with extreme resonance and all the drivers back waves firing into the box without sub enclosures, damping and bracing.  I've owned a few pairs and can tell you it's a novel design that is fun to listen too but lacks refinement.  


I also had DQ-10’s back in the day and really loved them! Having said that, they are kinda dated looking by today’s standards.

All the best.

I think the only commonality between the two is the word ugly. 

I am a 'form follows function' sort of guy, so, if the design does what they say (it makes structural and acoustic sense), then I find nothing ugly about them.

Also, they mention near the beginning of the vid, that they are still in their development stage, so the the final version as it will be released, has not been seen yet.