Tekton Pendragons

Anyone actually have heard these speakers perform? Ive read several articles that have said they are as good as many 30k speakers. Just wondering. They can be returned but there's a 20% restocking fee which would be $540 not counting the shipping I'd have to pay as they weigh around 80 lbs each.
Thanks in advance to any replies.
Regards, Mark
I have heard one paired with an integrated amp ($2000 range?)+ yaggy dac ($2000), it was.... muddy. If you are looking for accurately it’s not it. It’s not a bad speaker though, mids and especially bass was great.

With that said, I’m a huge fan of 2 way waveguide designs, so it’s not a surprise that I didn’t like it.
With some more info the group can definitely be more helpful. What size room are you putting these in? What are you trying to accomplish...music for social gatherings/parties, or creating a 2-channel system for intimate listening, or just a big and powerful system to chase the neighbors? And what’s your priority...pure decibels, accuracy, delicacy, cranking Blue Oyster Cult while you run the treadmill, etc? They may be exactly what you want...
I just checked Tekton's return policy and didn't see anything about a 20% restocking fee. At one time they did have 15% restocking fee, but it was discontinued awhile ago. A stock pair of Pendragons can be had for $2000 and if you don't like them all you are out is the return shipping.  

Putting an 80lb floorstander back in the box is an exercise in futility. I still got a pair of  floorstander that I'm selling on craigslist exactly because of that... and it weights less than 40 pounds...
Buying and selling new heavy speakers with high shipping costs and/or restocking fees without hearing them first is an exercise in futility. Not great for sellers nor buyers. Cheers,

I bought a pair of Pendragons in October, 2015. I had them for a week and did not like them one bit. I really tried to like them but in my room, the bass was horrible. I schlepped those monsters all over my listening room and could not get a satisfactory (to me) sound. I initially used my Rogue Cronus Magnum 100wpc tube amp, then tried my solid state Odyssey Stratos and tube preamp. To be blunt, the sound was not very special in my room.

The shocker came when I sent them back via FedEx (UPS was much more expensive), at $195.00 from Zip code 02864 back to where they came from. Never ever again will I buy speakers without first hearing them. BTW, did I mention how physically huge the speakers are and even bigger in their very flimsy shipping cartons? The cartons are so thin that one speaker arrived damaged, and when I removed the original shipping label, my finger went right through the cardboard carton.  What the hell was I thinking?

I have them for 3/4 years and I love them, super musical, generate believable music. If you like hifi sound don't buy them; if you go often to the symphony hall or live events to "recalibrate" your ears, probably you'll like them. I have the 4 Ohm version, they have been driven by different amps (Quicksilver, Monarchy, Aragon, Parasound).
But do not trust me or anybody else (including reviewers), unfortunately you have to listen to them in your room with your setting. I love music, I am a part time musician; I have heard tons of super expensive equipment which I disliked, unrealistic hifi sound, including 30K+ speakers. Good luck.
I have the Lore series made by Tekton.  I had researched and reviewed every available speaker in the price range. I did not find a better valued or better sounding speaker than the Lore.  I realize that you are asking about a different model but my experience with Tekton would lead me to believe their entire line of speakers would be outstanding!
I have the Tekton Enzo XL's which sounded much better than the $5k-$7k speakers I auditioned. Not even close. The Enzo XL uses Pendragon components. Best buy I have ever made in audio.

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I've only heard the Pendragons once, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last fall. The entire time, the owner was complaining about how the phono cartridge wasn't broken in yet, blah, blah. I wasn't very impressed with them. I've listened to almost every highly reviewed speaker out there under $3,500, and I ended up buying the Spatial M3s -- to replace my Klipshorns no less. They are an amazing speaker -- even a good deal better than my beloved K-Horns of 17 years. To my ear, the Spatials (and several other brands) were better than the Tektons. 

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Wester17. I presently own the K Horns & have had them for over 20 years. I recently purchased a McIntosh MC 28 Pre. It bench tested great but it is recommended to have the left side caps replaced & the volume knob cleaned. I look forward to hearing how the McIntosh works with the K Horns. I was told on the Klipsch forum the MC is a perfect match for them. 
I'll post my results sooner than later. Have had surgery and haven't had the desire to get the McIntosh cleaned up.