Tell me about my new (to me) Pioneer SX-5570.

35 years ago my parents gave me a Pioneer SX-650 for Christmas.
5-years later I flipped it to my sister for $100 because I had acquired a fancy Yamaha amp.
28-years after that asked my sister to buy the SX-650 back...never received a response.  6-months later at Christmas (2-years ago) a minty SX-950 was under my tree, gift some sister who could not locate the old SX-650.
Today out of left-field a SX-5570 was under my tree (celebrated 3-days late for obvious reasons)...again a gift from sister.  Apparently when she originally sourced the SX-950 for me she bought herself the SX-5570 but found that she wasn't using it --- so gifted me that one too.
Haven't been able to find much info on the SX-5570 but am interested to learn more if anyone has info they'd like to share...
PS...tried to post a couple of photos but can't seem to figure out how to do so.