Ten Years After “Space in Time” 50th Anniversary Re-Mix

“One Of These Days” you have to listen to this wonderful classic re-mix!

Interesting article to read if you haven’t already…



Great to hear.  Thanks for the tip.  i've always liked TYA and this album.  I can't believe it slipped out with so little fanfare.

Oh Yeah, big improvement.  I just compared a couple of tracks from the new mix to my old Chrysalis CD.  The old Cd sounds dead and two dimensional in comparison.

I don't know how the new mix would compare to more recent remasters, but it kicks the old CDs butt!.

Thanks for the good news!  One of my all time favorites.  TYA albums are actually sonically pretty sound!

Always a favorite. Is there any big difference to the 2014 version in the original album series which sound good to me.

I just listened to the first track on Qobuz and the Audio Fidelity remaster and I would say the new mix sounds better, but I could live with the AF.