Teres Tonearm Help

I recently purchased a Teres 135 kit for a very reasonable sum. I sold my RM-5 and am using my AR ES-1 and Sumiko MMT with my Dynavector 10x5. I also have a Glider LO. Looking for a little help picking a Good arm to match these carts and I`m thinking of the Analog Audio MG-1. I have to stay around 1K at this point. Suggestions Please!
The Teres website used to recommend a list of tonearms that in their experience worked well with their turntables. Unfortunately, I can't find that list on the site any longer.

I think the budget arm that they recommend is an upgraded Rega RB250. The one produced by Express Machining. No longer available new but sometimes they show up 2nd hand. A very decent arm for that cash level and one that does exhibit some synergy with the Teres.

Origin Live Rega based tonearms have been known to work well on the Teres.

Morch tonearms. Both the UP4 and DP6 models have been recommended.

Schroeder tonearms have been used to very good effect on many a Teres. Pricey, but well regarded.

I used a Graham 2.2 on my 145 for a while. Actually, I don't think there is good synergy there. I liked the TT better when using my Expressimo RB250.

fwiw, my2c, etc etc.

Thanks Steve. There was a list of Tonearms and I guess what I may have to do is go with a Ugh "Rega" to start and then get a Terminator a little later. As there are some down sides to the MG-1 that I believe need to be addressed.
The original Rega arm, although a good performer at that price level, was made of inferior (soft) bearings et al, and didn't stand the test of time well. Maybe Express Machinery corrected these faults..I don't know.
Send a note to Chris Brady, he is helpful. Since Teres sells their VTA adapter with their own arm, I'll speculate it can still be bought separately. Your MMT is a good budget arm - maybe worth a try in the interim.
Yes I have spoken to Chris on several occasions and he has been Very helpful. I have purchased some additional parts from him and will call him again and ask.
Around $1k, an OL Silver is a safe bet (particularly if you're a set-it-and-forget-it person and not obsessed with real-time VTA / Azumuth adjustment). I've owned the mk II and mk III, but I'm not familiar with the Silver MK3a tonearm that's currently available.

...and I've owned 2 Teres tables.