Teresonic Ingenium Silver loudspeakers

Has anyone heard them in a home set-up and what did you think of them?
Jack Roberts of Dagogo gives them a glowing review but, I would like some goners thoughts.

Hi Joe, I heard them at the California Audio Show in San Francisco last year, and I was smitten. They are pricey so if you could swing a home audition that would be ideal. But when I was in the hotel room l looked for special room treatments and saw absolutely none, i.e. something similar to what most of us have at home, and they performed very well. The Teresonics use a Lowther speaker which is a single driver with of course no crossover which bestows certain advantages. All other components in the system were world class, so to speak, so I can't give all the credit to the speakers. Although I don't claim to have a musically trained ear, I agree with Jack Roberts and think they sound absolutely fabulous. It was my favorite room at the show. Regards, John
Thanks John for the reply. Yeah, they have become pricey over the last few
Hopefully, I'm looking for my last speakers to enjoy into retirement.
I want them to be either single driver (close to it) or horns to match up with
my SET amps and low wattage amps.

I love the Classic Audio Loudspeakers but, they are out of my price range.
The Volti Vittoras are really nice too.

I want to hear the Ingeniums before I make any decisions.

Volti though may not be as suitable to low powered tube amps as the Teresonic or the Classic audio loudspeakers.
Why is that Pani? They are rated at 104db. I run 300b amps, 8 watts should be more than enough.
My friend has Klipsch cornerhorns with updated Volti drivers driven with a 300b amp. It goes plenty loud!
I heard them at the show using using Border Patrol 300b amps with no problems.
Volti Vittora is 104 db. I power the 99db Volti Alura easily with 12.5 watt Allnic A1500, but if your talking under 8 watts I might have to agree with Pani. When I was talking with Greg Roberts, about an amp for the Alura, he talked me out of the low watt Yamamoto amp. He uses the 15-20 watt Border patrol at shows.

Good thing is , I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.
Sensitivity is one thing. Many/most older JBL, TAD, Tannoy speakers were high sensitive but they always needed some power from the amp to play under control. Those big drivers did not exactly have light weight cones and needed some damping from the amp to play clean. The impedance curve were also not exactly SET friendly (which expects 10 ohms+ at all frequencies for ideal playback). The Volti drivers are also inspired from one of these designs hence they have similar behaviours. With a low powered SET one can get good sound at relatively moderate volumes but once you decide to crank it up, the amps will quickly run out of gas and sound will lose its grace/compusure. I would suggest 15 watts minimum if one is going with SET.

On the other hand typical single driver speakers (Lowther, Fostex, Tangband) will go plenty loud with just 3 SET watts. It is a different ball game. The sound is probably purer but lacks the outright force and dynamics of the big drivers.

To the OP,

Have you had a chance to hear the Teresonics? If so, which ones, and what where your impressions?

I heard the smaller Teresonic Magus at the NY Audio Show in Westchester. I would have bought them on the spot were they not so very expensive for a small speaker. They were one of the finest small speakers I have heard in over 40 years of audiophilia, and they are beautiful to boot). I may spring for them yet, as they never appear on the used market.

Hi mdeblanc,
Yes, I heard them at the NY Audio Show. Beautiful built and sounding speakers. Very fast with great tone and surprising low bass output. The only thing that bothered me was the sound was stuck to the speakers.  Could have been a room issue or set-up, none the less a very nice speaker.
I settled for the Horning Eufrodite Ellipse speakers, which I am very happy with!
Sorry, I forgot to mention they were the Teresonic Ingeniums with the DX4 silver drivers.