Thanks to all the participants and respondents

After several months of heavy research at Audiogon and learning much from the members...I've let the cash loose! We have a 23-month old and live in a remote part of SW Florida so traveling far away to Georgia (there ain't as much high-end stuff in Florida as one might expect) to audition equipment wasn't an option. As best as I could glean, this should work out fine: on the way, Pass 2.5 pre (space considerations precluded the X-1), X-250 amp, Audio Note 3.1 cdp and Piega C-8 LTD speakers. In a couple of weeks, all should arrive and be hooked up.
I was very happy with my "old" system, C-J Premier 14, Classé DR-8, CEC 2x transport, Dodson 217 MK II (762), Verity Fidelios, and Hsu TN 1220 (w/250w/amp)---but the fever came over me.
The Audio Note may be the weakest link, but I am curious to hear how it sounds, the design being the antithesis of the Dodson philosophy (I lust after Accuphase DP-75v, but the only opportunity I had at a mint one disappeared as I dilly-dallied over Christmas).
Anyhow, a HUGE thanks to one and all for your help and your patience: I pushed the adage of there being no such thing as a stupid question to the bursting point, I'm sure.
I hope you will provide an update once everything is up and running. I'm curious about your impression of the X 250.
Remember to be patient with the Audio Note stuff. Those Black Gate capacitors take a very LONG time to break in. Realistically expect at least 500 hours before things start sounding right. Enjoy listening.
I don't know what you have for cabling, but you should have a very nice sounding system. I don't know if everything would be optimally matched, but with the quality of components being used, i'm sure that it will sound very nice none the less. Sean
Cabling, for now, is HT ProSilway II and ancient MIT-330 ics; speaker cable is Discovery Essential. I still have my DR-8, so I can tell what the improvement, if any, the X-250 will add. My reasoning was that, in the future, I'd have enough power to consider just about any speaker, even electrostats, should I tire of the Piegas. I've always felt speakers made the by far the most difference in system sound quality, so when I've moved up previously, I've always "done" speakers first (I don't want to start a contentious thread here...).
I live in Florida too and you are right, there's not much for high end around here. Sounds like you put together a nice system. I too have the Pass X250 amp. I think it's an absolutely awesome amplifier. I was always a tube person prior to this amp. I had an Audio Research VT200 and replaced it with the Pass and have never looked back. Good luck with your new system.