The age old question of trusting your gut feeling

I recently emailed a new A-gon member to see about picking up a piece for a friend's father who was interested in putting together a system. I will be in that part of the state tomorrow & could have saved the shipper the hassle of shipping, been able to inspect the merchandise, etc.

I didn't get any kind of response. Not a "It's been sold", nothing. Hmm, here's somebody with no feedback selling an item but doesn't want to communicate.

So the thread is, how many of you have had somewhat similar situations regarding audio? Doesn't have to be net oriented, just a decision based on instinct.
His/her loss is your lesson. Move on to the next. I find there's not a lot of consideration today in any context.
I sell a few items, folks can't read. I tell 'em: "I won't ship", they ask how much to ship. Sad.

just keep in mind that not everyone checks their email every day. That might explain it?
I hear ya. I just move on when that happens. I would not read anything into it. Some people are busy and some travel for work.

It happens to sellers also. Folks say they want to buy something and then you never hear from them again.

See the new thread on: Weirdest Question asked when selling gear?

A few deals-- both buying and selling-- have caused my gut to churn, but with 75-80 "good" transactions on A'Gon and eBay, I've only had one that nearly got ugly. The transaction was completed, we were both somewhat disappointed, but we both respected the feedback system and chose to leave no feedback.

I have always believed that trust and integrity on both parties parts are an essential part of good i-net transactions. Yes, caution is important but at some point, the parties have to trust each other. But that said, I expect that I'll eventually get burned :>( Cheers for now. Craig
dealing with a newbie. I've been fortunate with my net dealings (about 150 transactions) for the most part although I was burned for $25.00 on two occasions on ebay.

Anyway, I try & do in person deals whenever possible or have family members pick up stuff for me. If a seller responds with a "sure thing, you can pick it up" there's no problem. On more than one occasion I've been told I couldn't pick up for whatever reason & simply looked elsewhere. Of course, when the seller or buyer doesn't respond, it's just not going to happen.