The best combo under 3K.

Hi: I don't want to go nuts with a home theater setup but I would like something that sounds nice with the Gallo Micro speakers that I recently purchased. (My serious gear is elsewhere in the house.) I haven't followed home theater much, what would be the best processor/amp combo or receiver under 3,000 which can actually be somewhat pleasureable listening to stereo music in addition to HT? (I am thinking that B&K 307, but the audiophile side of me finds it hard to buy a "receiver" as opposed to separates.) Thanks for the advice. mdb
Even if you were trying to put together a "serious" A/V system, I believe a receiver is the way to go. By its very nature movie watching is not sonically a high-end activity and therefore the nth degree refinement of high-end equipment is not truly needed. Any B&K, Denon, Integra (Onkyo), Pioneer (Elite), Sony or Yamaha receiver with a MRSP over $1,500 will do a superb job in a well setup home theater installation. The latest edition of Perfect Vision has a buyers guide to various current models. I believe they rate the B&K as the best performing.
I would agree w/ the above post. As a dealer who sells primarily theater systems, I carry the B&K, Pioneer Elite and Denon products. It is my opinion that the B&K offers the best sound quality, build quality and upgradeability of the bunch. It is the same parts as their seperates, just with a shared power supply. Add in 100% american made, and awesome factory support, and I feel it is no contest.
If you could wait and save another $1K you could purchase and audition the Musical Fidelity AV pre and power amps with a 30 day return policy from The Audio Advisor. If they are on par with the rest of the "A" gear they will out perform any of the HT competition IMO. Combined with the Gallo Micros they will make quite a style statement. Take a look @ The amp should have plenty of headroom to allow the Gallo/amp combination to coast and not sound brittle when pushed as the speakers do with lesser amps.