The best George Bizet Carmen on vinyl

Can anybody (everybody) recommend what they consider to be the best (vinyl) rendition of Carmen?

Did Maria Callas ever do Carmen? I thought not but an acquaintance claims he has heard an mp3 with her singing from Carmen.

"Did Callas ever do Carmen?" Google or check out some of the internet review sites. Some folks think she was the 'best' Carmen. :-)

Personally I like Maginnes/Domingo/Maazel on Erato.

Beecham's version is lovely as well, but in mono.

Maria Callas did indeed do a production of Carmen on vinyl unfortunately unless you are a Callas fanatic, it will be a less than wonderful overall performance. She, as can well be expected does what one looks for in a rough hewn sort of way, which fits well with Carmen's personality. The rest is just not up to her standards or abilities.
As for other recording cannot answer as only have one.
I have 2 Carmen's; Callas on EMI recorded in the mid 60's (European Pressing) and Marylin Horne on Philips or DG with the Metrpoolitian Opera recorded in the mid 80's. Both are very good performances and are very different from each other both in recording and playback quality as well as the performances themselves.

Sonically the newer recording has the most dynamic range and Ms. Horn's performance is very good. The recording is quiet, good depth & staging, visceral slam, and very good tonality.

There's something special about the Callas performance however. Sonicaly it is crystal clear and a bit on the thin side. There is a bit of tape his and/or record noise. Doesn't have the slam or spatial charactictics the newer recording has. Callas's performance however is remarkable. She seems to grab you by the throat and doesn't let go.

Others may have a different opinions on these two fine performances and I'm sure there are other fine one's out there. Just keep listning and find the one YOU like.
Thanks guys.

I am particularly fond of Carmen and I have somewhat nostalgic memories of my mom dragging me, moaning and protesting, to the opera as a youngster. Sadly, I have never found a version of Carmen that really takes me back.

After spending the past few evening enjoying Callas & di Stefeno in Lucia di Lammermoor it dawned on me that ms. Callas may be the ticket.

I managed to find the Callas EMI on eBay, but I’ll look out for Horne and Maginnes also.