The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now

I'm always on the lookout for good wines at a fair value. Ok so maybe cheap wines that taste expensive. Anyway, are there wines that you've had recently that you would consider a terrific value for the price? I personally enjoy the merlot and chardonnay from Clos du Bois which both cost about $14 in New Hampshire. To relax with a glass of either and listen to my music (classical and jazz) does make the early evening sit pleasingly well.
Unfortunatley Ch. Musar is quite expensive in the States, retailing for about $40 a bottle. Excellent wine though I agree. For something a bit cheaper they have a second lable called Hochar Pere et Fils that's about $19 a deselection of the first wine, more forward and a bit fruitier.
Yes, Ch. Musar is a little pricey. I've tried it and found it OK, but not outstanding. Usually goes in this area (Chicago) for $25-30 per bottle. On a scale of 0-100, I'd give most of it 83-85. For that price/score, I can find other wines. But that's the great thing about wine (and audio gear, music, etc)... there's something out there that delights everyone! Cheers.
highly rated 2002 debouef beaujolais village.about 7$ a bottle.if you don't mind spending 12$ they're fleurie beaujolais is the best out of france that year.both are generally available and outstanding values.
Smoking Loon Cabs and Merlot 9.99 & 10.99/bottle. 2000 vintage, Napa. Believe they are owned by Sabastiani.

P.S. don't tell Marco (Jax2) that I let the secret out
Has anybody heard of Summerhill Pyramid wines from Canada? He processes it in a pyramid and is supposed to be very good, but I have never tasted it.