The Best Polished Glass Toslink Optical Cables?

What are the best polished glass optical cables that have a "mini toslink" option (not an adaptor) for use with Apple products? I currently use the VanDenHul OptiCoupler and Wireworld SuperNova 6. Are there any others that I should consider?

Thanks in advance!
Lifatec makes great optical cable, 470 strands of high quality glass.
I think the two you have are generally considered the cream of the crop when it comes to Toslink. It's possible there is a small manufacturer somewhere that makes one that is better or comparable but I haven't heard of it.
I haven't tried the VenDenHul, but I did extensive search for recommendations for the best TOSlink, and only came up with the Wireworld Supernova 6 and the Lifatec. (I use this on my AppleTV.)

I tried both (thanks to a no questions asked return policy on both products) and kept the Wireworld. In my system, both clearly beat my Ultralink plastic cable, and the Wireworld Supernova 6 had more body and a more musical character than the Lifatec. I could see someone preferring the Lifatec in another system, but it smacked me as a little thin sounding.
Lifatech worked well for me on a 35' run and it didn't drain the bank account. To be honest here though, I later switched to SPDIF but it was difficult to tell the difference.
Thanks for the scoop Darkj. I will be ordering a supernova six soon! you using it then from the Apple tv to the av processor?
I really appreciate the info in this thread!

I've recently concluded that red book files played from my MacBook sound significantly better than when the original CDs are played on either of my CD players. Right now I'm using a $10 mini-to-Toslink connector to my 24/96 upconverting AVP. It's nice to know I can improve the sound even more.
If you can use a connection other than Toslink, do so. Toslink is a poor choice.
Sound quality is much better with digital cable....and not a little. Toslink can not do the job.
@Stingreen: Why? I'm open to suggestions, but over the years I have found polished glass optical to be comparable to coaxial. It depends on the equipment used. I hear people say coaxial is better, but why? Is it because of an objective technical flaw or subjective listening?

In regards to Apple products, optical is the only choice, so going coaxial is not an option. I know that I can use the USB/Coax converter, and I have several around and they work great, but I'm wanting to know what the best options for glass toslink (or any order toslink) cable are.
Good article on 6mooons from 2002 comparing toslink and coax, in summary there is no difference. Toslink is immune from gound issues that can be introduced by coax cables, so in that respect it is actually better.
Here is the 6 Moons article. I agree with the outcome, not to mention that there are even better toslink cables available today.

My goal with this post is to see if there is anything else out there that I don't know about. I have the VanDenHul, WireWorld and Siltec, and they are all great cables that can be fitted with a mini toslink end. If there is something that hasn't been mentioned, please let know know.
I have also been hunting for a glass toslink for a second system I am putting together. I have yet to come up with any other options either. This is a bit surprising since it is generally accepted that glass performs better than plastic, yet very few manufacturers have started making them.
I have been wondering about coaxial vs toslink. I would say that comparing both of the same price point would be a good place to start.

Is there some place called the cable company that allows this???