The Blankets Were Good, But...

Hello All,

Recently on a whim I put blankets on the walls to see the effects of reducing unwanted reflections.
The results were not subtle.
So now my quest is to find sound treatment products that look like, well, that look better than thrift-store blankets stapled to the walls.
Looking at the London 12 kit from Primacoustic. Looks good, price is good.
Anyone have any experience with this product?
Thanks so much for all the excellent information available here...


There's really no need to spend a lot of money.

If you look at that issue, towards the end you'll see instructions on how to make your own room tuning devices that work as well as store bought finished products. You can save quite a bit with them.

Guitar center sells individual foam panels and "Studio Kits" for doing lager areas. The foam panels used to sell in the low $20s range but now go for around $35 (demand?).
Walk around the room clapping your hands. You are looking for areas with pronounced echoes (you’ll know when you hear them). Affix a single panel to stop the echo then repeat until all reflective junctions neutralized.
If what GC sells is Sonex-type foam, beware. Over time it decomposes, leaving a crumbly, sticky mess.
My issue with Sonex isn’t that it decomposes. It’s the way it degrades the sound. Even a little bit is awful. I mean unless you're a big fan of wooly, phasey sound. As far as I’m concerned the stuff can’t decompose fast enough.
Just playing devil's advocate here, but if the results you obtained were good enough, going even further with something else might end up in overkill, leading you to go off on tangents. 

If the blankets you used were successful, than maybe you could try something a little bit more artistic using wool rugs of a design that's pleasing to the eye. It can be mounted any number of ways from just hanging on the wall to being framed.

I have mine just hanging on the wall behind my speakers, to dampen the rear port and the sound that can find it's way downstairs to my neighbor and it works very well. When I had Tony Manasian over to hear my new speakers, I asked him if I should go further with sound absorption panels and he just shook his head. What I had was good enough, and he know's a thing or two than most people when it comes to acoustics.

Every room is different and that goes the same for hearing so tread carefully.

All the best,