The first-best-last analog item you ever bought

I bought a Heathkit WAP- 2, twenty watt dual chassis amplifier in 1955. My grandpa, in the midwest it's grandpa and not grandfather, told me to buy a Magnavox console and be done with it. Little did he know where my choice would take me 53 years later.

Today, my best and last investment is in a RTR machine. The machines are cheap when compared to the alternatives. Unfortunately the software is scarce and expensive
Nothing good comes cheap. How about your thoughts.



The Aiwa AD f770 3 head cassette deck, bought back in 1983. Still have it today!

The thorens TD 1500 is my latest acquisition analog wise. It is truly a great turntable. 

The best, even though the two above are fantastic, has been my recent acquisition of the Denon DL is just a wonderful sounding cartridge. 


@atmasphere , my dad had an Ampex. I do not recall the model. It was glorious. He had maybe 100 prerecorded 7.5 ips tapes. I must have worn them out. 

My own favorite analog device is my Sota Cosmos Vacuum. It is a fabulous table for the money. The only other turntable I have interest in costs 60K without an arm.

First analog gear.?    G.E. Wildcat turntable circa 1975.    Best Analog ,  SOTA Escape / Origin Live Silver / Ortofon 2m Bronze.      Last analog piece was the excellent sounding Sutherland KC Vibe.