" The Gods Themselves" in cd format.

I was recently watching a rerun of an Anthony Bourdain show that featured the Seattle area. In that show were two bands, "The Mark Lanegan Band"  and " The Gods Themselves." I've been trying to find " The Gods Themselves" in cd format. Specifically "Pink Noise", "Be My Animal" and "Glamour and Grime". There are downloads on " CD Baby" but I would prefer the cd format. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The major sites such as Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon don't have these albums. 
   Hoping everybody gets through the Corona Virus outbreak okay.
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the Godz...?

same as the band which released:
nothing is sacred and ill get you rocking, as well as the S/T album?
+ mongolians????????

 killer band, I recorded their LPs' onto CD and put on my computer!

a few pops and ticks from vinyl transfer, but it dont bother me, i lobe the sound of a record!!!
@grey9hound , thanks for that - I scoped them out, too. They’re a killer band alright...just scored all 3 discs myself! Thanks to Frank, too!

...bandcamp to the rescue. Have found some interesting stuff there...
yep, like "Psyco On Da Bus"
Unreal speaker play 
Listen to this .

There is some subterranean Bass like on song #8 ,9,10 
Time to take a rest Part I
Time To take A rest Part II
Time to Take A Rest Part II
I don't use subs , but when cranked up a bit it Pressurizes my room.
it is kind of quick and sudden (the deep bass) and doesn't last long , but it is UNREAL 

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