Anyone get or buy themselves a Father's Day present yet?

I bought myself a DH Labs Mirage USB cable to replace a Pangea. I must say that the improvement is not subtle. Pleasantly surprised.

Happy Father's Day gentlemen!


Same to you! I'm embarking with a local audio wizard to build a 6SN7 preamp. That's my F-day gift to myself!


I tell my kids to save their money and if they want to give me something to just give me a card.  At my age I have everything I want and I would rather see my kids save their money for a rainy day.  A card or phone call is all I want or need. My systems are finished, my hearing is going, so no more audio toys for me

After a market survey, picked up a mint Oppo 103D for playing CD/SACD. Plays BluRay (no 4K, however) and HDCD CDs for a bonus! Price was right too (less than $500). Try to find a quality digital-media player for less.

Interesting you should ask... This afternoon I bought a Nuprime LPS-212 (linear power supply) for my streamer.

Told my wife she didn't need to get me anything this year / She told me I wasn't her father

As much as I love music, I just had the best gift any Dad could want.

My daughter came home to visit this weekend.  After dinner, we went out and spent the evening fishing.  A perfect summer eve in West Michigan.  Clear blue sky, gentle swirling breeze.  Early on, not a nibble.  But conversation made up for that....catching up on what's new in her life.  Feeling proud of the things that she has done for others, her interests.  Then we paddled our way to the other end of the lake.  And how we found the bass!  Large mouth, small mouth, lost count!  


I received a photo album of cats no longer with us (photos going back 30+ years taken by my wife).




I'm sorry I laughed cause that's actually kinda sad.  Our cats live for so darn long that for me it wouldn't be a very big book.  One lived 19 years.  One disappeared after about eight years.  The three we have now range from about 12 to 8 years. 

Happy Fday

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Not too sad in my case as I've had severely reduced visual memory since 1998 (tested under 5%).

We have photos (and a few paintings) throughout the household as well as other larger photo albums, but I can place this new small/mini album bed side and reminisce @ will.

Awesome F's-Day gift, and Olive/Chick Savoy (our current cats) both signed the accompanying card.




@stereo5 100% agree. My daughter did get me t-shirt from a concert we went to and that was slick,  she bought it while we were at the concert and I had no idea???