Hello, Phil O'hanlon from "On a higher note"  will be displaying the Gryphon Audio System. It is back after 14 years of not having any dealer or distributors in North America. It will be showing publicly in Southern California on June 1-3 at THE SHOW ( THE SHOW NEWPORT) It is the only company that makes and manufactures everything form A to Z . no other company does that. If you want a history on the Gryphon go to "on a higher note"
and click on Gryphon has landed and it will tell you the story about the company and the founder.
If I'm not mistaken I believe Goldnote of Italy makes A to Z please correct me if I'm wrong. 
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Metaxas, Audionote UK are two much more creative full line manufacturers that spring immediately to mind as well

Frankly I’m not sure why we are being subjected to this stupid advertisement anyway. Clearly the claims they are making are bunk
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Advertisement as any other and some may find it interesting. I am more curious, given the history and my experience, if you will even be able to buy Gryphon via On A Higher Note. With Luxman, it was as close to impossible as it gets. For some reason, you were not allowed to know who the dealers were and where you could see or hear the equipment. Hopefully, it is better this time around for all of those who may be interested in auditioning and maybe even buying Gryphon,
Never heard of Gryphon, but puzzled about the claim that it is the only company that does everything from A to Z... what about all the Japanese manufacturers that do 'integrated' systems -- SONY, Technics, Yamaha, etc? You can get a complete packaged (albeit mediocre) system from any of them -- rack included! In recent years, I guess some of them have stopped making turntables, but otherwise they had 'everything'.

Not sure what's good about that, though..?

"It is the only company that makes and manufactures everything form A to Z . no other company does that." lol only Phil O’Hanlon would make that sort of statement and not even close to the truth lol
Phil  did not make the above statement, i meant to say its one of the few companies that makes most of there products a to z. and they are back for the first time in 14 years here in the stes. You can find the dealers here in North America on his website. 
I think it's great to see brands come back or reappear in a region or in the market at large. It means there are more brands to choose from and at at least some companies are keeping high-end audio alive. 
I remember the name Gryphon but I'm not sure I've heard any. I think they were a respected brand back in the days and are worth a listen now when they are back.
Gryphon has already made their appearance in US last year. I heard their gear last year at RMAF 2017. The brand is known for high performance gear and comes with a pretty hefty price tag.
We are proud to reintroduce Gryphon Audio Designs to the U.S. and Canadian market.  Gryphon Audio from Denmark has been around for around 40 years as a brain child of it's designer, Flemming E. Rasmussen.  They continued to thrive all these years with a great following worldwide and we debuted the roadshow in September.  We invite all to follow the Gryphon Trail via our event page ( and experience the Gryphon approach to music playback. 

We have been instrumental in introducing and reintroducing many brands to our marketplace during the past 15 years of serving the audiophile/high end audio market.  We lead with our love of music and our desire to share the experience of albeit our subjective feeling of "good sound".  We look forward to continuing our journey to seal common bonds through music enjoyment with like-minded and open minded people. 

We hope to see you on our Gryphon Trail.  For fellow Californians, we are exhibiting at The Newport Show on June 1st - 3rd in a very classy setting (The Marriott Irvine Spectrum Hotel) with other industry colleagues and lifestyle service/goods providers from other luxury industries.  The rooms are beautiful and "good-sound friendly".  As an exhibitor, we just want to bring great sound and share our love of music.  Hope to see you there.