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We all have our own definitions of this. For some, anything above $ 700.00 on a pair of speakers is a waste of money, for others, that level becomes $ 7,000, or $ 17,000. Same goes for amplification. Just wondering what that level may be for most of us on the following components: Amplifiers, preamp, sources and speakers. Of course system matching is essential. Nevertheless, what's your opinion on this?
What I consider upper limit at retail.

Amps $30,000.00
Preamps $20,000.00
Phono Stage $12,000.00
Turntable $25,000.00
Speakers $35,000.00

Although the prices I have listed are extremely high, there are products available that are at least triple the limits I have set. My numbers are based on personal listening experience and ownership as well as what I perceive as diminishing returns as spending approaches the stratospheric level.
To keep your system in balance, there really are no limits, ie if you go to $20K speakers, it could very well be beneficial to up-grade all your other components commensurately. So we can only report on out own experinces, IMO. That said:
Amp: $5K to $10K
Pre-amp: $5K to $10K
Source: $10K to $20K (digital)
Speakers: to $20K

Cheers. Craig
I know its shameful in such company, but I believe in keeping major components (amp, pre-amp, CDP, etc) to under $2000 each and accessories to under $500 each. While I freely acknowledge the this will not produce State of The Art, you can build a GREAT sounding stereo within these limits (especially with used and demo gear).
"if you're not afraid, you're not brave. if you can afford to lose it, it's not gambling. if you set limits, you're not an audiophile." cfb-2001
Well, Ill be shameful too! Along with Fineberg, Ill put my system; $1200 CD/ $800 Amp/ $275 cables/ $450/pr Spkr....Ive
got more in my CDs! And if I put my system next to a $50K system, Ill take mine and the $47 thousand to go, thank you!
Dont get me wrong, I love a high end Magical System and Ill most likely keep on upgrading here and there. But I think you reach a point where its all overkill, even if you are a millionaire!