File Under Misc. Audio Musings--Do any famous/infamous people qualify as audiophiles?

Just curious. I have moments of obsession with this hobby and I wonder stupid stuff, like "Could I just see more and hear Frank Sintara’s system?" 

I once saw an article somewhere about Henry Rollins and his stereo. It was a commit with the guy--not a gimmick.

Thoughts? Prayers? Jokes?
Off the top of my head: Tori Amos, Fabio, David Duchovny, Tony Rice, Tom Cruise, John Lyndon and Quest Love from the Roots might be I know he has a massive record collection.
David Mellor QC - apparently has 35,000 cd's at home. I am betting he must have a decent system. 
I thought to be an audiophile you had to buy at least a pair of speakers every six months?? :D
Anthony Cordesman is a national security type guy; writes for various news outlets and magazines. He's also on the staff of The Absolute Sound mag.
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Bill Gates.
Fabio is genuine audiophile with a cost no object system. But now  reportedly he collects motorcycles.

Seems like most Hollywood stars are more interested in high-end custom built HT.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s system ate $200,000 high end systems for breakfast. 😬
Radio Talk Show Host and part-time conductor Dennis Prager, is a long time high end audiophile. He talks about it sometimes on his show. A few years ago at CES in Vegas I heard this distinctive booming voice behind me I swore I knew. Whipped my head around and it was him. Talked about audio for a few minutes and sent him up to the MSB room to hear their 100k DAC.
"I thought to be an audiophile you had to buy at least a pair of speakers every six months?? :D"
That is a funny one.

Years ago, I helped set up demo equipment (Accuphase electronics) in Dennis Prager's man-cave. He was a super nice guy and a real audio/music enthusiast. He has a real love for classical music, literature, high-end fountain pens, and exquisite tobaccos.  Books were everywhere. Before we left, he gave me three really fine Cuban cigars. I love his take on life and his classical liberal politics as well. 

Clint Eastwood:

Not sure if the Rockport turntable the article says he owns is the same model as the one Stereophile reviewed back in the year 2000, but that model cost $73K at the time.

-- Al 
Henry Rollins bought his VTL/Wilson system from Brian Berdan (Audio Element in Pasadena, formerly at Brooks Berdan, Ltd. in nearby Monrovia). I think his table is an SME, but I may be mistaken.
Lenny Kravitz used the local hi end audio store in New Orleans for his French Quarter home in the early 2000s