The Music Room

With all the talk about PayPal and the IRS, I'm considering other ways to sell my unused gear. I've been thinking about The Music Room. I have the system I want and have no need for trade ins. Has anyone else sold items to The Music Room? How was your experience? Did they give you a decent price for your gear (I understand they need to make a profit too). I just don't want any complications come tax season next year...

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I’m going to talk to my tax guy and see if there is a loophole where you can one can write it off as a business expense or some other write off…

great people; excellent experience buying and selling.  they will take trade on new, providing they have access to what you're interested in.  they represent the best spirit behind our crazy interest in audio.

I’ve dealt with TMR on 3 occasions and they were great to deal with.   One was a trade towards a sale , a killer close out on a great integrated amp and an accessory.  All great transactions