The Music Room

With all the talk about PayPal and the IRS, I'm considering other ways to sell my unused gear. I've been thinking about The Music Room. I have the system I want and have no need for trade ins. Has anyone else sold items to The Music Room? How was your experience? Did they give you a decent price for your gear (I understand they need to make a profit too). I just don't want any complications come tax season next year...


TMR is a dealer for a number of premium brands. Anyone ever bought new and gotten a discount from them?

TMR is a class A outfit that would offer you a fair price for selling a used car to a used car dealer....don't go in expecting to get anywhere close to what you want for the sale from an ad.  I have gotten quotes from them and Paragon and they were more fair.

Since your concern is the IRS, I will also comment on that.  My understanding has been that as long as we use F&F or Zelle then we are immune to getting a 1099.  This is how I have operated the past couple years with several transactions buying and selling.  

Agreed.  I have used them.  Fair, honest, easy to deal with.  If you want to take the work and hassle out of selling used gear, they are a great option.  But their service comes with a significant cost.  If you are looking for maximum value and don't mind the effort to photograph, list, screen, deal with payment and ship, sell yourself. Sometimes the best choice depends on the individual piece of gear.

I think TMR is on the up and up. However my experience was awful. I bought an Aurender N 100 which was defective from jump street. At the time they had a 2 week return policy. It was delivered while I was on vacation. By the time I got home I had maybe 6-7 days left. I needed help setting it up, and had connectivity issues.

So by the time I got it up and running it was well past the 2 weeks. I ended up sending it back to Aurender Service at least 5 times. Every time I had a power outage or glitch it wouldn't boot back up. Ari with Aurender was extremely helpful and accommodating , but every time I had to have it serviced it was at least a 3-4 week turn around. They finally totally rebuilt the whole unit. This was clearly the worst audio purchase I ever made.

Also- TMR charges sales tax also. So factor that into their pricing, along with horrible trade in value...Their not an option for me.