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I just wanted to share my recent experience with TMR.   It was great !    My original intention was to sell them an item.   The cash offer wasn’t bad at all but Mario put together a great deal on an Aurender N200.   

I would have never bought that outright so with a little money out of pocket and my trade I stepped into an awesome piece of equipment.   I had that money earmarked for something else but this was an opportunity to really upgrade from my Vault .  It was a no brainer and they made it easy.   

I check their site often, there is some seriously good equipment there on a daily basis.   They also are authorized dealers for many great brands plus they are a McIntosh Authorized repair center.  

I would definitely do business with them again.  Mario is a class act , give him a shot when selling or wanting to trade. .  


Haven't used them yet, but I did the same thing you did, moved from a Vault to an N200. It was a really nice upgrade. Enjoy!

Yes, it’s awesome. I’m listening to it right now. TMR gave me a good deal. It all depends on what you have, it’s condition and it’s desirability. Do they have 5 of what you are trying to sell / trade ?  Or do they have a wait list for it ?   That all factors into it. Don’t be offended by their quote, if you think you can do better with zero hassle , do it.


I’ve bought several pieces of HiFi gear from TMR as well, and sent a few back, all of which was hassle free and perfectly smooth. I’m working with them now for a Chord Electronics warranty and the customer service is the best in the business.

Good to hear so many positive comments about TMR.  I thought customer service was dead, but not at TMR

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I'm a big fan of theirs. I've bought a lot of my equipment from them now, and I only had one return. I haven't sold or traded anything in yet. Their business model (wholesaling) makes the audio space better--it provides liquidity and convenience to sellers and they are now a trusted intermediary for buyers. Once they have operations where they want it, they can expand into other verticals. For me, they are replacing selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Crutchfield. If they started a forum, they might replace Agon for me too. 

Absolutely.    They definitely have nice stuff.   You can't visit that site and not find drool worthy gear.   

This is good to know. They are very close to me. At first, I was annoyed by how many ads are theirs on Agon... but this is great feedback. Might be worth a visit. I am surprised by how many used pieces of equipment are dinged up though... do people shoot BB guns in their listening rooms? I have 12-year-old amplifiers and 15-year-old speakers without a fingerprint on them. 

+1 @smoothtech.

Amazing how bad some used gear looks!

"Do some people shoot BB guns...?"


Coincidentally, I just ordered some speaker stands from TMR this morning. They are very responsive... seem like a great source for our ridiculous hobby.