The New Led Zeppelin releases

Hey Guys,

So I just bought the Jimmy Page produced lp of the Song Remains the Same and the CD version of Mothership.

I will start first with the Song Remains the Same. Jimmy Page has done an amazing job with this LP. I have never been a fan of this album until I got this version. I am not kidding when I say that I feel like I am at the concert when I put this album on. It's that good. You really have that "I'm there" feeling instead of "I am listening to a record"

Now on to Mothership on CD. This is one of the best digital recordings I have ever heard. It sounds the closest to LP as I have ever heard. Having said that when I compare each song to my Classic Records version on LP the LP version is still a good 40% better. That's still damn impressive given that it is my opinion that the best CD's only give you about 50% of what an lp will give you.

I can't wait to hear Mothership on lp and the eventual re-issue of all the albums with Jimmy Page producing them.

Jimmy Page, you are still "The Man" even after all of these years!
I just purchased Led Zepplin III last week. It has the pin-wheel cover just like the original. Plus today I purchased Led Zepplen II (Both 200 Gram) and Led Zepplin IV (180 Gram)
Don't worry There are still Zep Fans around
Actually, I was very interested in this post and kept on checking back over the past 24 hours to see what others had to say. When there finally wasn't much of anything, I simply went to Acoustic Sounds and ordered the vinyl of "The Song Remains the Same." I first heard this recording on, I'm thinking, a Radio Shack turntable the year it was released, which was the year I was graduated from high school. I loved the band back then, and I still love 'em today, though I'm betting that this recording sounds a bit better on my record spinner of today. Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to hear this again. -- Howard
Howard, the recording is going to blow your mind. I can't believe how good it sounds. If I was younger I would light up a "fattie" and hold up a lighter in the living room.

Led Zeppelin II and III are two of my favorite releases from the Classic Records re-issues. They sound amazing. I can't wait to hear what they sound like when "Pagey" gets done with them.

Well it's good to hear that there are still fans out there of the greatest rock band ever(in my not so humble opinion)

I am hit or miss on Classic reissues.

Agree on II--much better than any vintage albums I have heard.

A word of caution: Avoid Classic's later Zep reissues--Houses of the Holy and IV in particular seem like a pale comparison to some of the best original vintage copies--way too much boosted mid range in the vox and guitars, and very little bottom end in the drums or bass--both sound a tad off for my tastes, especially on tracks like "The Ocean" and "Four Sticks", which really rock on the best copies I have heard. The best original copies have a truer magical soundstage with the fuller and airier drums and rock solid bass that you can really feel.
Dude your name is Bongofury! I mean how many hits does it take for the Classic records version to sound bad????

Okay I'm just kidding. I just thought it was funny that your name was bongofury. Anyway, I agree with you about Led Zep IV not sounding good;however, I have always felt that was Jimmy Page's fault. I read a book about Zep and how much time Jimmy spent in the studio producing that album and messing with the mix. I just feel that album was overproduced. Even the old copies didn't sound right to me; Jimmy's guitar sounds like it's coming out of a toilet bowl and yes the bass is too low in the mix.

I disagree about Houses of the Holy though. At least on my system the classic records version sounds amazing.