The "look" of DLP vs. LCD

I can't find many stores that sell projectors in my area. The ones that do only offer DLP and use crappy broadcast TV or direct to video DVDs (not film transfers) as demo material. I'm looking for a projector in the 2k range and I was leaning toward DLP until the latest generation of high contrast LCD projectors came out. Can anyone give me an idea of the different "looks" of the two styles. I would primarily be watching movies but also the occasional concert video.
still a novice at this, but my eyes, like me ears, haven't steered me wrong. I decided, after my long reserarch (viewing) to go with the Samsung (their newest, forgot the #) 46" DLP. Fabulous picture. There is no panacea, but the Sammy did it for me. The best bang for the buck, as well. Especially, sizewise....peace, warren
Might look at for views on this issue. I prefer DLP, but sounds like LCD is making some progress to get back in the race. I also think LCD's image quality fades over several years use (at least with the business data projectors I use at work)
I've been on vacation from Agon and have been spending my time over at researching 2k range projectors also. I can't decide between LCD or DLP myself but have another month to decide. All the FP (front projector) people swear that they will never watch another tv again...or so it seems.

Hhiggins recommends a good a good starting point.

In our price ranges...the ones that seem to be the most promising are

DLP- Infocus sp4805

LCD- Infocus sp5000
Panasonic pt700u (also badged as the AE700)

hope this helps


from what i have read...the presentation projectors are not as good for HT use due to the colors being off...even though they appear to be a great deal up front (Dell 2300mp)

just my 2c

Thanks for the responses. My front runner right now (just based on reviews and heresay) is the Panasonic PT-AE700. It sounds like the pixel structure is extremely fine and the color reproduction is excellent.

I did see a Sony HS20 about 6 months ago projecting a DVD and I was amazed at how filmlike it looked. Unfortunately, it was in a room with a bunch of ambient light so I couldn't comment on the contrast or low level detail. I will say that the look of direct view LCDs are just what I'm searching for except in a large screen format. If LCD projectors can offer that experience, I'm in.
i own an infocus sp7200 and i have to say "wow" and i'll never look at another rptv again. what ever the source, dvd, hdtv, sat etc this is the way to go. if you look on agon there's a guy selling an infocus sp5700 for approx $2300. i'd grab it up.