The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?


Family system was a Zenith mini console. It was a large rectangular box. The doors were the speakers which opened out and hung on the unit. The TT was on a spring which you pushed so that it either receded into the unit or "dropped down". The top facing glass had the buttons for functions. I was about 10 or 11 got my brother's second hand Kay guitar and worked out chords to CCR, Hendrix (when my parents were out as he was "forbidden fruit" I borrowed from my brother, BB King, Cream, whatever. Got a paper route and first bought a used Epiphone Wilshire guitar and amp then in JR high school a Scott SS amp, BIC TT and I think BIC speakers, not sure it was over 50 year ago. Got a job in a record store and helped out at an audio store where we supplied the classical records. The owner liked me and sold the record store owners a used McIntosh MA5100 to give me for my HS graduation. Used graduation money to buy demo JBL monitors. Had it thru college until I went to graduate school out of state and it all "disappeared" from the house due to various of my 4 brothers needing a stereo or money.

@jasonbourne71    Down with you on 2270's....

....had everything I desired at the time...*S*  And continued to do so for quite awhile....

And considering the prices of reconditioned and/or mint ones.....would have made for a nice investment...*L*

Like @motown-l , I started audiophilia with a Pioneer SX-525 and an idler. In my case a Dual 1214 with a Stanton cart of some sort. This was in 1973. Speakers were Marantz 4G, which I doubled and stacked a year later. Then Koss headphones. I loved that system for more than a decade—before early stages of nervosa set in!