The War On Drugs

Any "The War On Drugs" fans here? The band not the one we spent billions$$$$ on and lost.
Yeah man. "The War on Drugs" was a great new find of 2015. What's your favorite track by them?
Yes, along with Dr. Dog leading a new wave of interesting rock bands emerging from Philly.
"Under The Pressure" from their excellent Lost In The Dream album is a monster of a song! Cheers,
The war not lost. I can't get them legally to party.
I wish it will and stop.
When that album first came out, it got really good reviews.  I listened to it, then again and then again.

It's just not my cup of tea I guess.  I just didn't like it.
This album blew me away !!!!!! So I went back to enjoy all of their past albums. Slave Ambient is awesome , as is Future Weather and Wagon Wheel!
have you listened to Kurt Vile? He is fantastic as well. He used to play in the band I think.
I am a big fan of both Kurt Vile and The War On Drugs. I actually prefer kurt's solo stuff. I especially like his Walkin On A Pretty Daze album.
I first heard one one of their songs on Radio Paradise about a year ago and went on YouTube. If you search "KEXP War on Drugs," you’ll find a 35-minute video which really turned me on to them, so I bought the CD. I liked it a lot and saw them in concert last June. 

Overall, I like them, but after listening to the CD and seeing them, I feel like the songs start to sound the same. I actually liked the KEXP video best. The lead guitar and singer seems a genuine rock star in it. I’m looking forward to their next record.

Ncarv, I complain to my wife about the band's music sounding the same , and she says, Duh, they're going to have a sound , they are a band , and that's their sound. Makes sense sort of . Did you try their other albums I mentioned? They are all great , and I don't think they sound generic. Do you listen to Spotify ? It's free and you can check out their other albums . Try Wagonwheel . Although Slave Ambient is very fine as well.
rja, have you explored their other albums?
and check out the band Strand of Oaks . Their last album was fantastic. And they destroy live. Here is a studio wkxp performance :
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