There is none out there......

I need a Wi- Fi streamer and cd zipper in one box......I have a 30 K ethernet connection........Bluesound Vault is the Only streamer out there that meets my requirements BUT  ......I've been told by Hi-Fi sales people, "it won't sound that good on a high end system".......All the other cd Zippers/ Streamers are Ethernet hard wired ONLY........Anybody know of one?


The Marantz SACD 30n network player seems to be what you are looking for. It will connect to your network by ethernet cable or WiFi, has a CD transport, DAC, headphone amp, HEOS compatability, optical and coax digital inputs, digital output for external DAC. $3K.

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Streamers are networking computers.  There are plenty of IT people around that can hardwire your home for a few hundred bucks.  They don’t have to know a thing about audio, just how to set up a network.  The cost is trivial in the context of your entire sysytem.  Yes you can go wi Fi only but some of the very best gear will only go wired, such as Melco.

+1. That is what I did after trying a wireless and over AC solution. Works great.


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You need a pair of pods, one pod connects directly to your existing modem or router and extends your network to a 2nd pod which allows hard wired connection to your choice of streamer.

I can vouch for the mesh solution. You can buy 3 mesh pods on Amazon for about 150$. Place one near your streamer and run a short Ethernet cable to it. Works great and SQ better than wifi. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it’s done at shows.