Theta Miles

Several months ago, I asked for ideas that may be the cause of my Miles skipping the first note of every other song and eventually having a weird background noise, while playing burned CD's.  Some gave me the suggestion, that it was probably my optic assy failing.  Well, they were correct.  I received the new optics today and had it installed in just under an hour.  I'm not a newby when it comes to electronics repair, but this job took me a little time to figure out.  I've been retired for around four years now and as they say, if you don't use it, you lose it.  After finally figuring out exactly how the assembly was held in place,, everything went like clockwork.  The sound is once again top notch and I'm getting ready to go up and "jam" for a while.  Thanks to all who gave suggestions.  BTW-what do I do with all these extra screws?  Just joking.
congrats Steve!  Where did you source the replacement mechanism?  I just yesterday replaced the laser drive mechanism in my Cary 303/300 for the 2nd time w/a NOS replacement unit from fleabay/Taiwan.....played perfectly for hours yesterday and today 20 seconds into the first song it music and "no disc" on the display just like when the laser goes south....ugh...
@pehare :  I went on EBAY.  Looked everywhere else, but no reputable sellers.  Check this guy out:  Very friendly and quick!
You may want to check elsewhere on your player.  Check all your connections,etc.  Hard to believe your new laser is bad.
Hey thanks Steve hope your unit is solid now for a long time, happy listening.  I've heard the Theta is a great sounding unit.  Does it use the  DSL-710A Transport DVD Driver?
@pehare :  I'm not certain exactly which transport it uses, however there are many on this forum that can probably tell you.
The Miles I auditioned (new) years ago incorporated a Pioneer transport, but I don't recall which one.