Thiel 1.6 - bass

Hi, I love my Thiel 1.6, including it's tight clean bass, but I am wondering if there are ways to effectively extend the bass even lower. Have any of you effectively matched a good sub to the Thiel 1.6? Or, have you found an amp that particularly emphasises the the bass?

I'm using Plinius 8200 mk II currently. It's quite a good match. (my friend tried a First Sound preamp with pass amp or CJ 11a - awesome!).

Ok, any ideas for bass?

While we are at it, what amp have you heard that works well with Thiel 1.6?

There is no amp that is going to get your Thiels to go where they cannot go. Lets face it: a 6 1/2" woofer, does have some lower extension limitations. A sub is the way to go. You'll get tons of threads about this. I auditioned the 1.6s (after owning the 1.5s) and opted for the Revel M20s. They, too, require a sub. I use a Sunfire Architectural--10" front firing. Powerful, fast, tight, deep extension and small. Integrates beautifully with my Revels. Seamless. People usually think of Sunfire and home theatre, but this speaker was designed by Carver for two channel listening. The big one is the Architectural Signature. 12" front firing. Probably more than you need. Can be found nicely discounted. Give this baby a serious consideration. I listened to many subs. I'm very happy with my choice.
Well, I have very limited experience with the 1.6 - actually auditioned them and they were powered with a Bryston B60 integrated. I thought this setup gave excellent results. However, I don't think there is any way to extend their low end power -- they just "won't do the lowest octave" per the reviews. As for a sub -- I will soon be in the market for one myself and am leaning heavily toward a Vandersteen 2wq or the smaller Logan sub. Both are reported to be very "musical" which is what I value over "house shaking" bass. Judging by your speaker choice, I think you feel the same--good luck in your search.
I use a Rel strata with mine and it gets that extra octave plus in a smooth seamless manner. The combo is better than the Aerial 10T's that I traded for the Thiels and Rel.
Presently, I'm satisfied with the low frequency my 1.6 extends to. After Bryston/Classe amp/pre-amp combo, I have it now hooked to a Pass Labs x150/ARC LS16 pair. With this set-up, I thought I'm nearer the full potential sound these speakers are capable of with all the electronic equipments available out there. I know I'm not going to use any subwoofer 'tho I have one for HT only. The ICs are Cardas Golden Cross/Reference XLR and Tara Labs Ref Gen2. It sure can sound better but that's the best thing about this vice. You will always have that urge to keep looking for that thing you can never find no matter how much you spend in terms of sonic bliss. But that's another thread by itself... Happy listening.
Leon, having owned the 1.5s and having auditioned the 1.6s, I find it hard to believe that you don't feel a loss in the bottom end. You're lucky, then. Even though I wound up with the M20s, which by themselves, have more bottom end extension than the 1.6s, it still wasn't enough for me. Had to, and glad I did, go with a sub. peace, warren
Warrenh, actually it could be our listening preferences. I'm fine with the low frequency my 1.6 extends to. And if it went lower than what you had listened to before it could be any of the following factors: electronics, cables, room acoustics, cd player, etc... One thing is clear 'tho - it's not luck.
Well, here's an update: I am getting nice low frequencies with my 1.6's now. Some changes in cabling, power strip amp and preamp did it. Oh yeah, positioning too. Nonetheless, I'll keep watching for a REL Strata to show up used. This might be tough - they show up rarely and last minutes.
ps: the biggest surprise was the sonic effect of the Cardas power strip. wow. BTW I'm using a First Sound preamp and CJ 11a that I've borrowed from a friend and the sound is extremely refined, detailed, natural and robust now. Still once I introduced the power strip my Plinius 8200 mk II was quite extended and refined top to bottom and I just might stick with it after this loaner period ends.