Think fast: What would you take?

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Pandemics, riots, rain, no rain, economic turmoil, comets...
Now we have devastating fires. 
One of my audio buddies is waiting in an evacuation center, awaiting the horrible news that he's lost his home. A couple others are at level 2 ready to abandon their homes. These guys are the best audiophile guys you could ever hope to have around. You probably know them.
With light rain in the forecast (Monday), I feel fairly safe.
But, I have collected one small suit case, just in case. My car will be loaded with camping gear. A photo album. Maybe a friend or 2.
Of the items in my listening room, I know I can't take any equipment. Maybe a couple Lps? No, I could replace those. 
So, I ask you: What would you take?
Hopefully, you'll never be in such a situation.
Oh for crying out loud!
Just cut the political horsepoop will you!


Not The Washington Post!
I think mc is getting crazier (if that’s possible) the more the polls show his idol and enablers will soon be pleading to charges after the election.

He’s not going to stop.

All the best,
Good luck to you and your family. I hope the losses are minimal, if any and good luck to all of those impacted by these terrible fires. 
I have legal documents ready to go, as well as clothing, blankets, water, and keeping my tank full of gas in my SUV, while driving an economy car. As far as anything else it would depend on the amount of time I had. I also have boxes ready for my stereo equipment which would actually fit in my SUV ( I just have four pieces of equipment that are in use right now). 

I live in Gold Hill, Oregon right now. I moved here after surviving the Campfire in Paradise Ca. I am not looking forward to doing it again.