Think fast: What would you take?

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Pandemics, riots, rain, no rain, economic turmoil, comets...
Now we have devastating fires. 
One of my audio buddies is waiting in an evacuation center, awaiting the horrible news that he's lost his home. A couple others are at level 2 ready to abandon their homes. These guys are the best audiophile guys you could ever hope to have around. You probably know them.
With light rain in the forecast (Monday), I feel fairly safe.
But, I have collected one small suit case, just in case. My car will be loaded with camping gear. A photo album. Maybe a friend or 2.
Of the items in my listening room, I know I can't take any equipment. Maybe a couple Lps? No, I could replace those. 
So, I ask you: What would you take?
Hopefully, you'll never be in such a situation.
I sincerely hope you are safe and stay that way. In short, take what you need, not what you want. Papers, documentations, anything that holds your past and present together, should you lose everything. You'd be surprised how a few, small mementos can tie you to family and friends as well.

I lived in the Old Town section of Lake Oswego back in 1989 for a year and always wished I could have stayed there. I've always had thoughts of maybe relocating somewhere, back up north, and put L.A. in my rearview mirror but I'm the kind who follows the news, science, and the like and knew what a tinderbox the NorthWest could become.

It's truly awful what's happening to our climate and the results it's having on our land and lives. I have a couple of cousins up in Santa Rosa who are in the same situation as you: packed up and ready to evacuate, and they've lived there for the better part of 40+ years.

I hope you manage to avoid the worse and that there are better days ahead for you. 

All the best,
There was a nonsense "what would you take" thread a while back. But that one was clearly out there fantasy. The minute you invoke Portland however this is no fantasy. If its true you shouldn't be joking about it. If its not you really shouldn't be joking about it, because this is no laughing matter. These BLM Marxists are rioting outside the homes of mayors and police chiefs, people all over the country, and they are dead serious about taking your home, and your life, enroute to their goal of complete overthrow of the US Constitution and government. 

I live right here within miles of where they marched on Seattle Mayor Jennie Durkans home, and then the Seattle Chief of Police. In both cases they had to be turned back with armed force. There's no SWAT Team on my street. 

If it wasn't BLM did your friend in it was their allies in Oregon government. Never was any reason to quarantine, let alone be on lockdown for 6 months, during which time democrats encourage sedition by charging the innocent while letting the rioters and anarchists go free. 

Would be nice to know why your friend lost his home, what you mean by "level 2 ready to abandon their homes" and what your friend thinks of the way Portland democrats are doing their best to destroy civilization in Oregon.
I just walked outside, and the smell of burning wood was in the air here in Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River from Portland. I still have a bunch of drums in storage down in Palm Desert, but there's nothing there that will burn. Just dirt, sand, and wind. And swimming pools, lots of them. All stucco buildings with tile roofs. It was over 120 degrees there a coupla day ago. Don't miss it at all!
Thanks Nonoise. Wise words.
Chuck, of course I'm serious. No need to get into politics. There are fires all over Oregon right now. It blows in the wind and destroys homes and lives. That's it. 
 You're  an audio friend and I hope you are safe. One of my friends  lost his home, excellent stereo system and animals. A couple are close to evacuating as I type. 
 bdp24 smells it in the air. 
I can barely see across the street, let alone breath outside.
 Just a very simple question- what among  your audio goodies would you take if you had to go?

I wouldn't take anything. I wouldn't leave. Fire I would be there armed with a hose. The other (more likely here) a gun. The second is more probable. Both thanks largely to the people who have been making the relevant decisions- in both cases, WA, OR, CA- democrats. These aren't passive events. We aren't helpless victims. And this thread is in very poor taste.
I can tell you from experience, take practical things and forget the rest. A toothbrush, clothes, a razor, anything that you would need for a few overnights. The most important things are extra underwear, socks, maybe a second pair of shoes. When I was 18 my home burned to the ground. The only items I had were the things in my car and the clothes on my back. You can't believe how nice it is to have a change of clothes and a clean pair of socks. I had to go out and buy all of that stuff. Think practically and let's hope you and your friends don't suffer any consequences from the fire.
+1 Nonoise. Good luck, OP. Nice to see you can keep your cool and your perspective. It's hot enough outside -- you don't need the fevered dreams of others to make things worse. None of us do.
We had a similar situation here in NJ back in 2012 with hurricane Sandy. In audio terms take any rare valuable collectable albums/recording you might have. Then I would take a lot of pictures of your home every inch if possible. Open every cabinet, closet, drawer, attic, garage, shed, etc, for insurance purposes. Also take any receipts and proof of purchase for any expensive items you might have. All of this will help if needed for insurance replacement.

I pray the flames pass you by and none of this will be necessary.
Other than the paranoiac ravings, there is some good practical advice in this thread.  If you have time to prepare get some cash from the bank.  Make sure you have your medications.  Pet supplies, if needed. 
Some cash ( still king!), passports, birth certificates, essential change of clothing and toiletries.
Cats if I could round them up.
All loaded into most dependable car I have fully gassed and ready to roll in an instant.
MC, quit with the political whinings.... get some cheese to go with it!
You are not helping anybody here!
Good luck Oregon, Florida just has hurricanes to dodge!
My dogs and my hard drive (books and files)....

With books i am afraid of nothing! :)

Almost nothing! :)

Very few things tough!


Seriously i am sorry for you oregon and i will pray for you....

My best from the heart....
I have a friend that lives in West Linn and he is just furious and has been for some time. I do feel sorry for much of what you are going through but not the social unrest. I may not agree with miller on some things audio but he raises some good points regarding some of your avoidable problems. I just scratch my head and wonder how things came to evolve in such a way. Shame on your elected officials!

Its no coincidence this is happening in democrat controlled areas. Fires are natural and happen everywhere, yes. But to evacuate 12% of your states population, that is not some passive we couldn't do anything about it kind of thing. Even the idea that the state can tell ANYONE they must just get up and abandon their home, their life, is tyranny. But then you look around and see political groups chanting Burn It Down, and democrats supporting and protecting them, is it any wonder there's arsonists setting these fires??

Half a million people uprooted from their homes, by the very democrats who cultivate the circumstances leading to this, and we're supposed to be fantasizing about would we grab the turntable or the speakers? Are you mad? No. But I strongly suspect you are liberal. Which, look around, if this is not a form of madness you'll have to explain the concepts to me better.
Its no coincidence this is happening in democrat controlled areas ... Are you mad? No. But I strongly suspect you are liberal.
Wow. The OP is facing a potential life-and-death situation, and this clown turns his plight into a political screed. Pathetic.

To the OP: Best of luck to you. I honestly can't even imagine what those in your part of the country are experiencing now.
Having never been in a situation like that it’s hard to say but in general I would take as much of the things that are most valuable and important that can’t be easily replaced as possible.  I would also keep an eye on the news and do anything possible to protect my property in advance like do whatever possible to clear combustible things like tree branches shrubs etc.    
If there is water available I would use what I can to keep the area around my house wet and less prone to burn.    
Of course some situations are beyond our control.  Heed warnings and be sure to not take unneeded risks.  Objects are replaceable but people are not. 
Hoping for the best!  🙏
I am not sure that what miller is saying is entirely political but more a commentary on the state of affairs in our country and those most responsible for this condition. For the record I am not a liberal and in fact far from it, but to suggest that the rhetoric coming from the other side of the aisle doesnt fuel the fire is absurd. 

Audio-related, I would take my Walkman (it is loaded with all the music I have), a few pairs of earphones/headphones, and two or three transistor radios with a bunch of fresh batteries. Otherwise, things that nonoise and a number of others mentioned.

"Never was any reason to quarantine..."

Says the man who shook like a leaf on the tree when it all started.

"These aren’t passive events. We aren’t helpless victims..."


Have some respect for those who were active while you were screaming from under the rock.

Some of your kind were trying to help those affected, pushing machines from room to room, pushing plates under and from under the helpless victims. You hid.

Allow some dignity for those on these incomplete lists. Do it in silence, please.
Just to be clear here
Audio is one of the last things that would enter my head in that situation.
All material possessions that can be replaced, your life cannot.
"Just to be clear here
Audio is one of the last things that would enter my head in that situation.
All material possessions that can be replaced, your life cannot."

Finally, someone who lives just a bit little outside of this self indulgent bubble of ours here....

Once again, mc yammer confirms to all that he is certifiable. This could be a cooking site and he'd pollute it with his insanity. It won't be long before he comes out of the closet as a dyed in the wool Q-anon nut job. Speaking of which, authorities are being deluged with phone calls and emails from Q-anon whackos about groups they don't like starting all the fires, tying up the lines. Pathetic.

All the best,
I've been on Audiogon since December 2000 since then I've never reported a post until this thread I reported two by Millercarbon. Just stop it no one wants to hear your politics and ranting.
I'm here to learn and discuss audio and, when appropriate, express sympathy and commonsense advice. Anyone who needs to rant about Marxists, Capitalists, Republicans, Democrats, Fascists, Bolsheviks, has plenty of spaces online to do that.

Really -- why must politics get into everything? And why do it here? Moreover, why *insist* on doing it here? And repeatedly?
Fine but just making certain that you would have reported any post mentioning politics from any perspective. Not so sure that others on this forum would be consistent in this regard. Cue the mention of Qanon... not helping.

Had the OP not mentioned riots in the same sentence as natural events I doubt miller would have posted a response. 

And yet you came to his defense.
That explains the false equivalency you’re promoting.

All the best,
I didnt come to his defense I simply wanted to point out what I consider to be some of the indisputable realities of late. Had someone posted a rant against the far right would you have chimed in? This was my point. I will take you at your word. 
I didnt come to his defense
Yes, you did. Jond and nonoise, I’ve been here 19 1/2 years and have never reported anyone, but hear and agree.

I hope everyone remains safe and unharmed.

Here in Oregon, there are three evacuation alert level. Stage 1 is an alert that an area might be subject to evacuation; Stage 2 is an alert to prepare to evacuate (i.e., pack and load vehicle, etc.); and Stage 3 is the order to evacuate.

Ideally, the following occurs before or during Stage 1. The idea is to be prepared to prepare to evacuate by knowing ahead of time what you're going to take.

The above advice from @rodge827  was spot on. Extensively photograph absolutely everything in absolutely every nook and cranny in your house, your garage, and any outbuildings (e.g., sheds) for insurance purposes. For rare and/or unique items (e.g., artwork) for which you don't have a receipt, take enough pictures to allow an appraiser to estimate a value. (If you have a receipt, take or photograph it.) You cannot take too many pictures.

Make a list of important documents to gather and take: e.g., birth, marriage, and citizenship certificates; health insurance and medical documents; passports; deeds; receipts or proofs of purchase for expensive items; appraisals, etc.  Many of these kinds of documents can be photographed.

Make a list of medications to be take, including over-the-counter drugs that might not be readily available. Add personal medical equipment or items, e.g., extra eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries, supports, bandages, etc. needed on a day to day basis.

Make a list of some clean clothes, foot ware, maybe an item of light outerware. Personal care items: tooth and hair brushes. Maybe some snacks (e.g., power bars) and some liquids. Don't plan on taking a lot of these kinds of things because they'll be readily available.

Make a list of pet-related items.

If you don't already have a cloud backup for your computer hard drive, arrange for one and backup your computer. If you back up your computer to a portable hard drive, take it.

After these "necessities" (in quotes because the only true necessity is the safety of you and your family), take whatever is important to you and will fit in your vehicle. Personally, I'd choose sentimental items, some photo albums, small items my kids made when young. As far as audio-related items, I have a Sony HAP S-1 and a portable hardrive, each with my music. They're small and light; I'd unplug them and stick them in the car.

I didnt come to his defense I simply wanted to point out ...
There’s no need to debate this. Readers here can see for themselves what’s going on. It’s quite clear.
Post removed 
Post removed 
Paranoid narcasistic clown.
Not to mention empathy devoid.
Good post.
I’d take cash, passport, national parks pass, a few few 20th century (pre dig) photos and the knowledge of how to rebuild a decent audio system faster and cheaper.
The rest should already be on the cloud.
Many readers understand @audition__audio point.
Agreed. It is not difficult to see what is happening here.
If push came to shove, I would certainly box up my LP's and CD's before the hi-fi. Hi-fi can be replaced, 50 years of LP's and 30 of CD's impossible.
As an observer, jond’s point is that some take exception when the slant is to the right but not so much to the left. While I am generally disgusted with politics and don’t see the need for it here or any other entertainment venue, I believe he has a fair Right to respond when he sees things as one sided. Can we agree the world is biggest enough for opposing views? I am not addressing MC here, just jonds post. 
No noise, you posted this “Then, to add insult to injury, we normal folk have to sludge through all the right wing crap that follows.” 
Seems reasonable that Jond would view you as only concerned with muzzling of the right.

In my observing I have seen “crap” from both factions. Neither position has any place here.
Its not just happening here but all over the nation. No discourse encouraged nor tolerated by many. 

Jond I wouldnt suspect you would want to have this discussion. 

My, my, how the apologists come out of the woodwork, again with the false equivalency. I've posted before how right wing dreck has polluted these threads for far too long and it was when I, and others, started to offer a counterpoint to it all, that's when the jumping on the tables and raising of skirts started.

Go back in the archives and read it for yourselves if you fell otherwise. One small faction has had a nice, long ride as long as no one spoke up. Now that they do, they get a good case of the vapors.

All the best,
Lots of great advise. Thanks to this great community.
I considered packing a few LPs and CDs. 
In my original post I alluded to riots which "sparked" some ranting.  But, this is not about riots. Mea culpa.
 It's about us as audiophiles. Is there anything in your system, collection, equipment that you'd want to grab and take with you? Maybe a photo. Maybe a rose (Solomon Burke was passing out roses and reached out to me. Stopped. Handed it to his daughter and told her to give it to me. The crowd cheered. Maybe a piece of cake that Billy Preston gave to me during a concert. It was his birthday.  But, I ate it.)
 Anyway, if I still had a 45 I bought way back when I was young- For What It's Worth, might be appropriate for this thread...
"there's battle lines being drawn, nobody's right, when everybody's wrong..."
Make posts constructive and relevant to the topic and chances are nobody will complain.  Otherwise chances are they will.

People can read. If an explanation is needed someone will request it I’m sure
Just to be clear here
Audio is one of the last things that would enter my head in that situation.
All material possessions that can be replaced, your life cannot.
Couldn't agree more. I have one life. I have insurance.  A lot of things can't be replaced, but they are... things.  I'd grab the dog, maybe a duffel bag of clothes, my passport and wallet and get the heck out of dodge.  Better to live to rebuild and get all the old toys replaced with new ones than the alternative.

I hope and pray I’m never in that situation and have extreme sympathy for those that are. I really don’t know what I would take but family photos come to mind and important documents, especially my insurance policies.
Best of luck, Oregon.

While moving to the NW, we lost everything (mobile) to a RV fire at the 3-months point of a cross-county homeschool tragicomedy. Ended up running for our lives down 101 near Newport, in a snowstorm with no shoes or coats.  We got the kids out, but the dog ran back inside and we were not able to get it out. The dog is the only thing that still bothers me.

Like a few other people said, get your documents, photos, and if possible your pets.

Again, best of luck.

P.S. I was able to go back and retrieve some items from the RV before it went to the junkyard. Now I wish I had taken the stack of melted CDs.
To think that 10% of the population of Oregon is being told to prepare to evacuate is beyond comprehension. That’s around 500,000 people.

We need to seriously rethink some things.

All the best,
Terms like "dreck" are simply used to denote verbage of which the user of this term disagrees. Look back at both of our responses to the OP and tell me who was the first to insult and the first to get emotional.