This forum is antiquated.

I'm a member of several forums. This site is ancient in it's ability to respond to member's posts, and is also extremely cumbersome to reply to specific member's posts, quotes, etc. What am I missing? For some posts that are so technologically subjective....the objective merits of this website and forums are so 1990s. Ancient technology. 

Thoughts? Discuss.
Everything is evolving. Use your time on earth to enjoy the things you love. Take the easy path, listen to music, look at art and drink some wine. 

Don't worry about what is best.
@yogiboy I’ve joined Asylum.
OP, thanks for the suggestions of other sites with better technology.
@craig I agree with you that often less technology is better -- especially when ads are not in my face all the time.

The reason I keep coming back here is the expertise I keep learning from. It’s like a favorite diner or bar. The company keeps one coming back. A while back, I posted a problem with my electrical, and jshea and almarg and a couple others stuck with me while I followed their instructions to test outlets and report back. It was like having good people in the control tower. Their advice saved me time and money. All the gear I own now is thanks to advice here. And I’m very happy with it. And my self-education in acoustics....I won’t go on.

If there are tweaks or changes that would make this site more attractive or less frustrating, I think the best approach would be for the OP to start a discussion about that and then ask members here to individually email the moderators with a request. That would be the shortest path to improvement.

For me, quick improvements would be:

* ability to post photos
* a category just for room acoustics
* a "super-category" of threads which do the best job of explaining FAQ’s (such as, "How to match Preamps and Amps" or "The difference between Conditioners and Regenerators" etc.

OP, can you suggest a couple forums which cover audio which have the kind of functionality you're looking for? I'm curious.

Pretty much everyone. Most use either vbulletin or xenforo. 

Same goes for pics and lots of other things. Of course pics eat up bandwidth and increase cost.

Are we not doing what you're intended to do a comment, it get's a response?

Seems functional to me. No pictures please.
Leave the MKII version out of Agon.