Thorens TD 160 making noise HELP

I have a Thorens TD 160. When I switched it from my B & O Beogram, the Thorens makes a distinct humm. The table has no ground wire. Any ideas what this can be or what I should do? Thanks for you advise. -Durr
You need to check the turntable's output leads. Start with the RCA plugs, the ones that connect to your (pre)amp's phono inputs. Make sure the wires inside them are intact, not touching each other, and properly joined (soldered). If the RCA plugs are the molded kind, cutting them off and installing new (and better-quality) ones may solve the problem. That fixed my TD166, which had a hum problem too.

If the output RCAs are OK, you need to go back to where the cable enters the TT and make sure the connection there is good. You can find more information in the .pdf scan of the user manual at The Vinyl Engine.

Remembering the Beograms and Thorens I have heard, I think you'll be happy you made the move once this little hum problem is fixed. Good luck!