Thoughts on Audioquest RCA Jack Noise Stopper

Been using these little metal plugs on my unused RCA jacks on my preamp and amp for years and admittedly question they really make much of a difference, but they do, but it’s small. Not sure why I never tried the Noise Stoppers on my digital equipment so I ordered another set, 10 in a box for $50, Cheap enough tweak so why not? 
I use a Bluesound Vault 2 to a RME ADI fs2 DAC/Teddy Pardo that I run direct into my amp currently. Coax between the Vault and RME, and from the RME running balance/XLR to amp; so a few unused RCA jacks on both devices. Not using the analog output on the Vault so added the caps there, and on the sub jack as well. Running Balance out of the RME, so added the Noise Stopper caps on the RCA jacks there as well. These are not shortening plugs so safe to use on outputs.

Well, I’m surprised how much things have changed for the better. The noise floor has dropped and I’ll refrain from using the big words such as transformation, drastically, jaw dropping and etc. I would say my system has taken me sometime to dial in, and is fairly revealing, or so I thought. Overall things just sound more natural, not HiFi, fast but relaxed. The top end cleaned up, and the edge or grit is gone that I didn’t know was there but it was. The bottom end digs deeper and fast. I am using some room treatment which really helped my speakers disappear and felt the stage was very good with both width and depth, but adding the Noise Stoppers on my digital equipment, this is the most noticeable improvement. The width has expanded and the space between the instruments and vocalist is better defined, less noise or smearing I suppose between the notes. Things that were very hard to hear in a recording are more noticeable now, still way in the background but more defined.

I’ll end here and say for those with a Bluesound streamer and probably any DAC, to give these Audioquest Noise Stoppers a try and follow up with your thoughts. Cardas makes the same and similarly priced. You just might find yourself up to 2AM as I did. Enjoy.