thoughts while listening

what thoughts or visual images do you have in your mind as you listen to various types of music.
NO. but given the usual drivel on this site, it didn't seem too out of the norm. just curious. I always think of time and places in my younger days.
I only think of the music unless I slip into a daydream or actually end up dreaming through the whole CD.
Happens a lot lately.
Very therapeutic.
If it's a male singer I think about the recording, the space around the microphone, tonal accuracy and bandwidth. Perhaps even the color and dynamics of the music.

However, Kate Bush, Allison Krauss, Melody Gardot, Taylor Swift and Fiona Apple bring up dreams that began when I was a little boy and first discovered the wonder and beauty of females.

Kate Bush

Allison Krauss

Melody Gardot

Taylor Swift

Fiona Apple