Threshold Stasis 2...Worth a rebuild???

I have a Threshold Stasis 2 in wonderful cosmetic condition, but one channel went flooey. I contacted Jon Sondenberg and he will do a rebuild/upgrade for a little north of 1300 bux.
Jon said that the rebuild/upgrade would put the amp in the sonic category of a Pass Labs 250.

My question is, do you think it is worth sinking that kind of dough into an amp that old?

Thanks in advance to all for your wise opinions.
Once Jon gets thru with it, it won't be that old. And to have something the equivalant of a Pass Labs 250 for around $1,300.00 seems like a plan to be. Jon over the years have done several Threshold amps for me and they have always been rock solid and over the top in terms of sonics and workmanship. The early Stasis series were legendary amps and to get one updated like Jon can do, seems the way to go, unless you can reach for a Pass Labs 250 or 250.5. No it won't be that shiny new style of Pass Labs, but sonically very, very close indeed and possible better.
After looking at what the 250's command here, and if the cost of the rebuild and initial purchase are less, and you really like the sound of the 250's and Ferraris' recommendation and your own investigation; if it feels right do it!
I'm a fan of Jon's work, but $1300 seems like a lot of money to invest in that old an amp. Perhaps you could find a later Threshold that wouldn't need quite as much attention and expense. Though it might cost a bit more, I suspect you'll get more value. Heck, you might get lucky and find one that Jon has recently serviced. Just my humble opinion.
Hi Kolledog

How about reaching out to Threshold Audio themselves to give you an estimate on the repair/rebuild for your Stasis 2? Who knows they might come in cheaper than Jon S. I've heard of some people who had issues with Jon S and sent their Threshold amps to Threshold themselves and were happy with the work and price.

Good luck
I would second Jednite24 to also contact Threshold which I believe is Nova audio too. I needed a small part for my Threshold and they were super to deal with.
Not knowing much about Threshold amps, I would say that non-functioning amps can be hard to sell too... :^)
Jon's (who was a tech at the original Threshold) work straddles the line between maintenance and modded...:^)
Of all the many comments I've come across regarding Jon, I've only heard of one complaint and I don't know that individual personally. I've always found him to be very knowledgable of Threshold gear and a perfect gentleman.
I owned a Stasis 2. Looking back after what I paid for the power amp used and the rebuild cost, I could have bought a much newer better sounding Pass labs power amp.
Nelson Pass recommends Jon for Threshold work in regards to service, maintenance and modifications. To mee that says it all in a nutshell. No larger recommendation that this one - Period.
The Stasis II is great sounding reliable amp. By now, all the electrolytic caps, which aren't many, need to be replaced. Most likely, one had gone totally bad on the affected channels driver board and needs to be replaced.

I recapped, my Stasis II a number of years back in an afternoon with BlackGate Standards which are no longer available, but I understand that Jon has some for his rebuild customers. There are some other great caps available such a Nichicon KZ. I also replaced and significantly upgraded the four large aluminum-can power-supply filter-caps with modern version with the same physical size as the old, but of a higher capacity and higher voltage rating. I bought them from Mouser or Newark, I just can't remember exactly where now, but it take a little research.

Bottom line, the Stasis II is worth rebuilding or at least repairing. If you are use to listen to the Stasis II with old caps, you will be totally amazed at how great it will sound once it has been re-capped. It will truly be a new amp like you have never heard. If you send it to Jon, he will do other things beside replacing caps that will take it a notch better including tweaking the bias to make it perfect. Jon knows that amp better that anyone.

Do a search on the Threshold Stasis II at Lots of information on this amp is found there.
I just got my Stasis 2 back from Jon. He was great to deal with. It was well worth it the charge in my opinion. Yes the amp is 30 years old. But with almost everything inside replaced I now have 200W Class A power for under 1500. A great value if you ask me.

Saved yourself a ton of money as well. A new 200W Class A amp today is several thousands of dollars. Jon has done many amps for me and the work is all I could ask for. It is now ready for another 30 years of enjoyment. Don't judge it to early, I have found it takes about 200 hours for all the new parts to break in so to speak. If you like it now, your in for a big treat in a few weeks. I myself let Class A amps on 24/7. Cycyling them on and off and putting the amp in thermal cycles, tend to shorten the life of a Class A amp.

Enjoy it one of the true legendary Class A amps, from the gifted mind of Nelson Pass.
How do I get in touch with Jon Sondenberg Have an old 150 and FET 2. Is the FET 2 worth updating?
Thanks, am in process of contacting. The FET 2 was a Threshold preamp from the early 80's
Definitely not, in my experience. I had mine rebuilt by Threshold for over $1,100 US plus a couple of hundred for transport, 3 years ago, only to have a channel not only fail, but output speaker-destroying DC a year later. It took months to find an audio technologist (it is so difficult to work on that no technician would take on the work). After more more months and nearly $1k Canadian (and he gave me a hefty discount), it worked for a year or so, only to have the other channel go. Replacing blown fuses on a good local tech's bench resulted in 35 volts of DC output and acrid smoke from a burning fireproof transistor.

I'll never buy another Threshold product or similar esoteric-fringe "audiophile" product.